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Kristen Hager, a talented young actress, has specialized in playing an array of aggrieved, troubled, and generally conflicted girlfriends. In the recently released DVD of Leslie, My Name Is Evil, she is one of the many girlfriends of convicted murderer Charles Manson. In another Canadian feature, Textuality (directed by Warren Sonoda, who also helmed Servitude), she dates a guy who ends up sleeping with her best friend. But in the new Syfy series, Being Human, she seems to be taking this 'typecasting' one step further. She plays the girlfriend of – wait for it – a werewolf.

Though I don’t ask her about her personal life, it’s hard to imagine the same level of “drama.” In conversation, Hager comes across as smart and level-headed – and certainly clear-eyed about her career. She admits that she rolled her eyes when first hearing the concept for Being Human, a show about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost that all live together in the same apartment. But it’s based on a smart, quirky series that’s had a successful three year run in the UK, and she was further encouraged by scripts that were “really, really well written.”

Hager grew up in Red Lake, Ontario, 21 hours northwest of Toronto, right near the Manitoba border. Talking about her small town life and her drama teacher mom, Hager says: “We had this room in my basement that was full of every costume that you could imagine. It’s a small town, so whenever people cleaned out there homes they would give my mom all these amazing old hats and dresses. I spent my childhood in make-believe land.”

Hager moved to Toronto at age 18 but eventually settled in Montreal. She’d landed a role in the Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There – a movie shot in the city, and it just felt right to her. In the past few years, there have been more productions shooting in town, but she generally travels for work – and spends every January to May down in Los Angeles for pilot season. Though this year, after recently getting her American VISA, she’s planning a more open-ended stay.

“I’ll go down there until I get some work,” she says. “Hopefully sooner than later.”

Based on what we’ve seen so far, her trip may amount to a whole lot more than a brief stopover.