BY: Daniela Andrews

Now that you’re taking your “date” from the virtual world into reality, it’s time to brush up on the essentials that will ensure you come across as smoothly in person as you do in your own head. 

First, give some thought to the date activity. This is largely a matter of personal preference – some guys like the classic combination of dinner and drinks. Others prefer the low commitment of a lunch date. Some will even go as far as planning an unusual activity (e.g. ice skating, picnic in the park, wine tasting, bowling) in order to stand out. Whatever your preference, make sure you pick an activity that allows plenty of opportunity for conversation (no movies, clubs or loud bars) and is universally-recognized as an acceptable activity to do with someone you’ve just met (swingers' clubs are out!). 

When the date finally arrives, remember, chivalry goes a long way. Dress nicely – it shows respect and she’ll definitely be on the lookout to gauge your sense of style. When in doubt, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Whether you’re picking her up or meeting her, don’t be late, open doors and don’t forget to compliment.

Ask lots of questions. Don’t recreate a Law & Order interrogation room, but be interested in what she’s talking about and what her story is. Asking questions is how women engage, so if you don’t reciprocate, we wonder whether or not you’re actually having a good time.

Avoid certain topics including, but not limited to, ex-girlfriends, drunken bender stories from your university days, views on gay marriage, complaints about the service, the food or the prices, and anything related to your therapist, mother, grandmother, ex-wife or parole officer.

When the bill comes, pay it. No question. If the girl is considerate and not a complete gold-digger she should do the old “reach-for-my-wallet” move. Politely decline and tell her it’s on you. If she doesn’t do the reach at all, you might want to reconsider that second date.

At the end of the date, offer to walk her back to her car, a cab or her place, where you will not be going inside unless explicitly asked. If the date has gone well and you’re interested in a second, go in for the kiss. Something sweet, slow and soft. Follow up with a call the next day, two days tops, to set up your next date and congratulate yourself – you’re on the board.

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Daniela, excellent advice here, and it will definitely improve the Toronto dating scene :) (Where's Lana Tailor :P)That being said... I'd like to weigh on this:"universally-recognized as an acceptable activity to do with someone you
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