BY: Rachel Khona

If you’ve ever been hot and bothered, you know sex is a little bit like candy; slightly forbidden but always delicious. So why not combine the two? Sex and sweets don’t have to be relegated to Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in 9 ½ Weeks. With a fully stocked kitchen, anyone can incorporate a little sticky sweet into the bedroom.

1. Whipped Cream

Thanks to a singularly memorable scene in Varsity Blues, where Ali Larter’s character comes out in a whipped cream bikini, almost everyone knows about the virtues of this dairy delight. But the pleasure doesn’t just come from the licking. Spraying each other with whipped cream or better yet, applying the bikini to your partner's body is half the fun. Avoid Cool Whip, which is solid, stick to the spray-can kind, and you’ll be in seventh heaven.

2. Ice Cubes

Technically, ice cubes aren’t considered food, but you can put them in your mouth which is a good enough reason to include them on this list. Try sucking on one before going downtown on your girl. Or if that’s too intense, you can rub the cubes on each other’s bodies or let the ice melt over her erogenous zones. For example, on her nipples; they’ll get so hard you could cut glass. If you and your partner are truly ambitious, you can rotate sucking on the cube and going down on each other. The alternating of hot and cold will keep her on her toes and will bring her to new heights of pleasure.

3. Listerine / Altoids / Pop Rocks

Many of us have heard of the old Altoid rumour; pop a few before oral sex and your partner will be screaming in ecstasy. Well believe it; mint or cinnamon, either one will do. Just make sure only to eat a few otherwise your partner might end up with a burning crotch. Pop Rocks achieve a similar effect, but with the added addition of a little foam. This is perfect if you’re going down and starting to run low on saliva. If you seriously want to step it up, Listerine is even more powerful. It might be inconvenient though, so it’s best to gargle and then get your partner in the mood than vice versa. You don’t want to stop the show just to run to the bathroom and gargle. 

4. Hot Tamale Spray

Use this spicy hot spray to decorate each other’s bodies. It’s kind of like tagging, except totally legal. The burst of cinnamon will give the person licking a reason to keep going, while the receiver will enjoy the show. As always, be careful below the belt to avoid any fiery loin situations. You don’t want to kill the mood before you’ve even started your engines.

5. Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate is undoubtedly the ultimate aphrodisiac. Not only does it taste good, it produces endorphins which will only help both of you orgasm. But don’t just melt a candy bar — way too sticky. Buy a readymade sauce or syrup from a sex shop and you’ll find it’s less messy and easier to apply. Use your finger to trace a line from top to bottom and lick away. Or dip your finger in the bottle and let your partner suck on your finger.

6. Candy Necklaces

Whoever thought something innocent like a candy necklace could be so salacious? And unlike a metal necklace they are much more versatile. You can use them to tie each other up, and then nibble the candy off to set each other free. Or work them into a little light asphyxiation play, if you’re both comfortable with such play. Just don’t go too crazy and make sure to listen to her!

7. Popsicles (Sugar-free)

This is territory where only a brave few will go. But if you’re up for the challenge, popsicles can be immensely entertaining. Think of them as edible dildos. She’ll love the cool feeling inside her and you can enjoy watching her get off. But you don’t have to use it just for penetration. You can glide it over her clitoris, titillating her before you're ready for the main act.

Things to Avoid:

  • Honey. It sounds like a good idea in theory, but it’s STICKY! Too sticky in fact. You’ll end up spending hours in the shower trying to get it off and your sheets will be ruined.
  • Anything spicy for obvious reasons.
  • Letting anything “ferment” down below. Sugar can cause yeast infections in women, so make sure you clean up after you get dirty.
  • Don’t lose anything inside her or yourself. You don’t want an embarrassing trip to the ER.
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