When it comes to finding a potential suitor, there are a number of different methods people go about using. Whether it's hanging out in bars, signing up for a dating site, taking yoga classes, joining a book club or even buying a dog, there are a plethora of options available to you that will theoretically allow you to meet people.

But meeting all the women in the world isn't going to be any good if you don't have anything else about you. While you can find countless books out there teaching the ways of the dating world, passing on supposed knowledge on how to meet women, the truth is that the best way to catch the eye of your future wife is by possessing a genuine talent.

Women aren't looking for a mediocre man, they want one who stands out from the crowd, even if that's just for being really good at spinning a football on your head. So what acts or tricks can you learn to impress the girls at your next party?

Be a hot-shot at the casino: You've seen how good James Bond is at the casino and he always seems to be relatively popular with the ladies. But before you go racing off to the nearest casino in your tuxedo and top hat, it might be an idea to do a little bit of homework, just so you maintain your cool on the big night. You can visit a number of sites these days to play blackjack online and other casino games, and the likes of 32Red and 888casino are perfect places for you to get poker-literate. Then you're all set to head off to meet your future life partner, who will have been attracted to you by the applause from your fellow blackjack players.


Learn martial arts: Many women might claim they don't care about physical attributes when it comes to meeting their potential partner, but it's probably fair to assume most want to feel safe and secure when with their man. Having a basic understanding of martial arts might sound like a lot of work. But if you're looking at getting in shape, this is an ideal way of learning a new talent while keeping fit. From boxing to jiu-jitsu in just the space of a year you could be a lean, mean only-fighting-when-it's-the-last-resort machine. But promise us you won't be that guy at Christmas practising your new taekwondo moves on your Gran.

Become a cocktail master: Often as popular with women as firemen, bartenders know that mixing a decent cocktail while wearing a shirt and a waistcoat is often all you need to get a girl's phone number. And due to the birth of the internet and books, you can now look as cool as the bartender without having to work until 4am. Learn a few cocktails before you next attend a party, especially drinks that involve those weird spirits you always find at the back of cupboards, and you could end up being as irresistible as Tom Cruise in the film Cocktail. 

Improve your wardrobe: The art of dressing well is often overlooked when men are trying to woo the ladies. From badly-fitting jeans to battered shoes, some women take a particularly keen interest in how a man dresses, and it's well worth your while investing in a fresh wardrobe. The first thing to remember is that you can't trust yourself. Remember, you're the one who wore *that* shirt to your ex-girlfriend's party that resulted in *that* argument. Asking in shops or using one of those personal shopping sites can help you avoid any fashion faux pas. Now, you don't have to go out and buy 10 custom made suits - although a well-fitted suit to women is what lingerie is to men - but you will have to make sure you have at least three or four default 'dating outfits' - none of which should involve sports jerseys, no matter how much you love the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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