SUNDAY JUNE 25, 2017

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS20 camera is ideal for the traveler — sleek, light and so technologically advanced that its complexity only reveals itself in the pictures themselves. This LUMIX is a self-branded "intelligent" camera, and for good reason. It lights, focuses and produces a shot all on its own, so you can concentrate on capturing your perfect moment abroad.

The most striking thing about the DMC-ZS20 is its compact size. The camera is just over an inch thick — making it literally fit in the palm of your hand — and perfect for adventures in the Andes or the streets of Manhattan.

The DMC-ZS20 is loaded with more technological firepower than most cameras its size. It comes equipped with a 24mm ultra wide angle lens and 20x optical zoom. Its Intelligent High Dynamic Range in iA mode captures several photos shot at different exposure levels and overlays them to produce a single composite picture wihtout over- or under-exposure. And the camera's Optical Image Stabelizer hides any shaky hand movement you may have when you're on the go.

But what makes this gadget the ultimate travel mate is its GPS feature. It knows what and where you're shooting, categorizing the photos on a world map. An on-camera map also suggests other photogenic locations that are close to an image you've just shot.

As expected, the DMC-ZS20 is also an HD video recorder and comes in black, red and silver, depending on your preference.

It's said that our brains distort a memory every time we recall one. The DMC-ZS20 is a great travel camera because it capture those fleeting moments too important to forget — in focus.

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Retail Price: $480.00 (Prices may vary)

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