Winter gets a bad rap for being cold, dark and the season of slipping on ice. The absence of flowers and leaves can really dull our surroundings, and is a possible reason why only seven percent of Americans claim that winter is their favorite season. The demand of holiday shopping and family encounters can be incredibly stress inducing, particularly for those who are not Christmas fiends or winter sports fanatics. For those of us who are not all about the cold and Christmas cheer, the stress of the holidays can be a great reason to splurge on a winter weekend getaway.

Here are some different trips to take based on your relationship with winter.


If you’re not a fan of the cold and are interested in a warm venture, Costa Rica in January is in the early part of its dry season, which means sunny skies and 80 to 90 degree weather. With a rainforest that’s home to spider monkeys, more than 60 volcanoes and some of Central America’s finest beaches, Costa Rica is a hotspot to run away to in the dead of winter. Emerging out of the lush forestation, with year-round warm water, these beaches offer optimal surfing spots and are an all-around upgrade from shoveling the snow off your driveway. If you’re looking to spend the weekend in a more remote area, Roatán Island, Honduras and Taboga Island, Panama are less touristy areas, and both offer deep sea diving for a chance to look at sections of Central America’s coral reefs.


For those who don’t mind the cold, liven up winter by taking a quick trip to the “Big Apple.” New York City is magical in the winter time; the city lights sparkle with frost, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center lights up Manhattan, and central park becomes snowman and snow angel central. There are ice rinks all around town that provide a classic winter activity to help you skate away the monotony of the low temperatures, hills in central park that are perfect for sledding (if you are blessed with snow), and, if snow and ice are not your forte, stroll through the SoHo neighborhood for some coffee and upscale window shopping.

If a city of over 8 million people doesn’t sound like somewhere you want to ‘getaway’ to, Chicago and Baltimore offer similar weather, big city vibes and lots of shopping.



If you’re one of the seven percent of Americans who are all about winter, take a winter getaway to the capital of Ontario and Canada’s most populated city. Toronto offers great post-holiday shopping options, access to a large variety of ski resorts and shares custody of one of the world’s most famous waterfalls (Niagara Falls). Toronto also has a hopping art scene, and the Toronto International Film Festival hosts their top 10 film festival in January. This is a great destination for someone with a large variety of interests. However, if you’re dedicated to winter sports, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming and Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah offer some of the best snow and slope options in the country.

Winter travel offers less tourists and something to look forward to post-holidays. Whether you’re looking for central american beaches, big city shopping or snowy mountain resorts, cross some of these off your bucket list and start out your new year with an adventure to any of these winter hot spots.



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