The internet has brought us many things since its inception. It has made the world a smaller place (not literally, of course), it has put a wealth of information at our fingertips and it has given us the power to communicate with just about anyone, at any time, anywhere.

Of course, not all internet innovations have become major hits. However, there are some that have gradually altered the way we do things. Bubbling away under the surface, attracting a certain amount of attention before striking at the right time, these online offerings are the "technology of the future" and the reason why the internet is such a precious commodity.

By far the most interesting, intriguing and potentially useful product that falls into this category is Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency (basically a currency that only exists in a virtual form online) was released as an open source software product in 2009, but so far it's struggled to penetrate the mainstream.

Although there has been a certain amount of buzz about Bitcoin, it has not yet become a currency that everyone uses. However, all that looks as though it's set to change over the coming years. Thanks to a plethora of progressive thinkers and designers, Bitcoin can now be used in a variety of ways.

In fact, such is the growing influence of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), PayPal recently added Bitcoin entrepreneur Wences Casares to its board in order to help the company prepare for the future of money.

So, if the future of spending is Bitcoin, then surely we should be ready to jump on board? Well, before you look ahead, it is a good idea to look around you. So, here's a round-up of the best ways to spend Bitcoin right now.

BOOKS.jpgBuy Some Bitcoin Books

If you are in the vicinity of Burnaby, Surrey or Vancouver and fancy a new book to read, then you can pop along to one of the Simon Fraser University (SFU) campus bookstores and use your Bitcoin. Introduced in 2015, the three university locations now have Bitcoin ATMs and each store will allow you to buy a book using nothing more than Bitcoin.

MAKINGBED.jpgBitcoin Bed-and-Breakfast

For those wanting to embrace the cryptocurrency revolution on their next trip to Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Gîte TerreCiel is a must. The 19th century building is owned by David Mancini who now offers a quaint bed-and-breakfast service and, what's more, he'll let you pay with Bitcoin!

PLAYSLOTS.jpgBetting with Bitcoin

If you're a fan of betting but don't have the energy to drive to Edgewater Casino (Vancouver) or River Rock Casino (Richmond), then online gaming is your best option. Whether you want to play using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, online casino operators offer a wide range of exciting games. And, for example, slot jackpots now in Bitcoin or any other game you may fancy playing mean you can deposit, play and win thousands (equal to CA$100K+) using the cryptocurrency.

bitcoinburger.jpgBite a Bitcoin Burger

It has been rumoured for a while and the future of McDonald's and Bitcoin is still unclear, but there is a chance we could all soon be paying for our Big Macs with Bitcoin. Being one of the largest companies in the world, it seems only natural that McDonald's would want to embrace the next generation of currency. However, it seems the path to acceptance isn't always easy. Fortunately, however, the world is certainly changing and it wouldn't come as much of a surprise to us if Bitcoin Big Macs became a thing in 2016.

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