The room rates were jacked, the cabbies braced for the onslaught and yet, there was hardly any buzz in Las Vegas in advance of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Don’t get us wrong, with 150,000 scoping out more than 3,000 exhibitors, there was much interest in CES 2013.

But, when it came to big announcements, there were none to be made. Instead, this year’s show was about giving the consumer more of what they want. So no more flogging 3D TV, instead manufacturers are giving us higher definition, more connectivity and more speed.

Here’s a look at five trends and highlights from CES 2013:

Ultra High-Definition: We have seen the future of television and it’s getting clearer — and thinner. Forget HD, think 4K Ultra HD like the 55-inch Sony model above. Soon the actual world will be but a sad blur.

HapiForkSelf-Health: There were gadgets and gizmos galore to track your blood pressure, your heart rate and even a fork from HAPIfork to monitor eating speed (cause eating too fast makes you fat or, at the very least, just more wolf-like). There were even headbands that measure stress levels. We do hope that between managing all these gizmos and analyzing their vitals, people are able to find time to get to the gym or cook themselves a healthy meal.

simplicikey.jpgPhone Home: You, your phone and your home can become even more connected. Apps for your smartphone can help you control the lights, turn on the washing machine, check to see who's home and operate all manner of electronic devices. Heck, you can even use your phone to unlock your front door with SimpliciKey. Though, if you do happen to leave your phone somewhere, you’ll be more screwed than ever before. Best to leave that key under the flower pot.

lexus-driverless.jpgRobot Cars: I’ve always envisioned a highway where during commuter hours, you plot your course, merge onto the 401 and then let an automated system take over, spitting you out at your destination. At CES 2013, Toyota and Audi announced they’d be joining Google in the quest to develop self-driving vehicles. It might take the fun out of driving, but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about a designated driver.

convertiblelaptop.jpgTablet, Laptop or Both?: Laptops with removable screens or tablets with add-on keyboards? The lines, they are a blurrin'. Chip maker Intel showed off its next generation of Core processors on a prototype ultrabook convertible and detachable PC that featured a removable touchscreen tablet monitor. 'North Cape' has a 13.3 inch touchscreen that shrinks to leave more room for handling when using it as a tablet.

ipotty.jpgAnd a Bonus Just Because: Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and when it comes to toilet training, who doesn't want easier. Enter the iPotty, a potty that has a built-in iPad holder. Now they can use the toilet training app or just read, just like dad. Never was the importance of handwashing a more valuable lesson.

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