One thing that has kept the flame of glamour burning at casinos across the world for decades is the dress code. Casinos have always been regarded as places where you spend money – the simple axiom being you have to have money to spend it, and when you are going to spend it, you might as well flaunt it. And when you have celebrities dressed in their finest at the big casinos, you are naturally inclined to put on your best as well. This is all very different from playing online, where you play from the pretty much anywhere and can wear whatever you want.

There are other factors that contribute to the huge aura of glamour that casinos project

- The casino brand: When you have a casino that looks like a glittering diamond against the night sky, you definitely will not want to be seen in your flip-flops and shorts.
- Superstar presence:
When you have superstars performing at these casinos there is no doubt about what attire the casino clientele is going to turn out in. For instance, Mariah Carey was at the Melbourne Crown on New Year’s Eve 2016 dressed a stunning black dress and diamond necklace: you just had to be at the top of your fashion game when you are part of an event like that.
- Top fashion events:
Some of the top fashion events nowadays have some of the biggest casinos as the venue.
- The best restaurants in town:
A number of top casinos have outstanding restaurants featuring some of the best chefs in the world. When you step into a place like that, you better look good because the rest of the crowd there definitely will. You do not want to look like a deer in the headlights when you enter one of them.


While it is true that not every casino insists on a dress code, there are certain basic guidelines regarding what you wear at all the top casinos across the world. Even if you are not in your finest, you definitely would need to be in something that is in sync with the overall image that the casino projects. Respecting a casino’s dress code is not just about respecting the casino’s image; it is also about acknowledging the other players in the casino.

The dress code usually varies depending on what part of the casino you are in, but the basics are usually the same – no uber-casual wear. A number of factors determine what you will be wearing when you are at a casino:

- Which section of the casino you are likely to be in, i.e. the games you plan to play
- What time of the day you are there
- The duration of time you are going to spend at the casino
- Whether you are going to be eating at one of the restaurants there

So if you are in one of the hotspots in Vegas and looking to just hang out and play some slots, a good option would be to just dress in cool casuals or even business casuals – could be clean dark denims, a simple and nice-looking shirt, a belt if you are tucking your shirt in, and a good pair of shoes – not flip-flops or athletic shoes. For the women, a basic simple and safe option is a good top to match a cool pair of denims and shoes to match.


So what clothing items would effectively get the okay nod from a casino with a dress code in place? There are a number of items that would make it, actually. One way of figuring this out is to slot them by degrees. 


At the bottom of the rung would be casual clothing. This is one category that is hard to get right, simply because so many things make it to this list! The best way to get it right is by figuring out what doesn’t make it to this list – military-wear, ceremonial vestments, formal-wear like ties and suits.

Then what you have left for women would include:

- Long skirts
- Cool denims
- Simple and good-looking tees
- Button-down blouses
- Sun dresses
- Matching shoes

For men it would be denims and decent khakis, button-down shirts that are not too flashy, a good pair of shoes or sneakers, plain t-shirts, turtlenecks, or polo shirts.


The term ‘business casual’ refers to dresses that look good and are not too much on the formal side of things. Business casual for women includes skirts, pants, khakis with matching shirts – knit or collared – that are appropriately buttoned. A cocktail dress and a jacket can work fine too, in most places.

For men, business casual include a proper shirt – it could be a polo shirt, an open-collar shirt, or just a button-down shirt – with a matching pair of pants, khakis, or slacks. In cool weather a good option is a blazer or at least a sports coat. Matching shoes complete the look; these could be loafers or just plain old cool shoes, with socks of course.


One notch higher is the business formal, basically formal clothes that you wear to work. For women this could mean a business suit or a proper dress complete with stockings and a jacket. Matching shoes would be a pair of nice heels, platforms are a definite no-no. Men can make do with the simple business casual wear listed above, as long as the casino is okay with it.


Go higher and there is the semi-formal attire. This category has a specific look and feel about it. Women’s semi-formal wear could be a proper cocktail dress or a nice black dress. Another option is an elegant flowing skirt with a top that complements it perfectly.

For men semi-formal wear usually involves a business suit, usually of a darker shade, and a white dress shirt. A formal and sober tie is a perfect match and you round off the look with elegant leather shoes and dress socks, a dark shade would be just right.


Then you have the black-tie optional, which is more on the premium side of things compared to the categories listed above. It is usually considered evening wear and worn mostly at special events and at the higher limit tables and private rooms at the casinos. 

Women’s clothes that come under this category include a lovely cocktail dress, an elegant gown, or just high-end women’s apparel. Accessorizing, while not mandatory, can take the form of beautiful chokers and other jewelry. Men’s black-tie optional wear include leather shoes and dark dress socks, a sober tie, and a dark dress suit atop a white dress shirt. The black-tie is optional, as the name suggests.


This is one notch higher than the optional category. The items of clothing for the women are more or less the same as in the black-tie optional category. For men, the main difference is the compulsory black-tie. The leather shoes here ought to be patent leather, and other items needed include a dark dinner jacket and a waistcoat for the evening. This is formal wear in one of its best avatars and no one does it better than James Bond.


At the top of the casino dress code list is the white tie outfit. This is formal wear at its finest and differentiates the wearer from the rest of the casino crowd by a mile. For women, this dress category includes a full-length gown. Accessories that you can add to the list include white gloves, high-fashion clutches, expensive jewelry, tiaras, and the like.

For men the dress code is very specific. A white shirt with wing collars is a must, with studs and matching cuff links. Trousers in this dress category need to have satin stripes down the legs: one stripe in the USA and two in Europe. The trousers must match the black dress coat with tails that goes atop the shirt. Other elements in this attire include a white tie and a white vest, white gloves, and also black patent leather shoes with matching black socks.


The aforementioned dress codes are not intensively or exclusively followed by all casinos. Most casinos have a dress code that ensures the right clientele and also does not have anyone feeling left out.

- MGM Grand Hotel and Casino: So if you are at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, make sure you are dressed nice and good so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. One tip would be to call the hotel up in advance to enquire about the dress code you would need to follow.
- The Ritz Club, London:
If you are at the Ritz Club in London, ensure that you are not in sneakers and sportswear. The casino requires men to be dressed in a collared shirt with matching pants and a jacket.
- The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, Macau:
The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel in Macau requires that you do not wear a hat or sunglasses inside the casino; business casuals and casual wear are okay to wear.

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