People love shoes, especially women. No one knows this better than Marc Fisher. And who is this man, who has likely already found his way into your girlfriend's closet?

TORO takes a look with this Men of Style profile.

Marc Fisher comes by his passion for women's footwear honestly. His father just happens to be the co-founder of eponymous shoe brand Nine West.

It's probably not that surprising that someone that was born to a shoemaker would become one, but then again, not every son walks in his father's footsteps. But the younger Fisher took his time learning everything he could about the art of shoemaking — and the business. And who would have thought he'd develop such a passion for what women wear on their feet.

Many of Fisher's shoes are found under different brand names, like Guess. However, he recently released his own line of Marc Fisher footwear, which live up to his exacting standards for women's shoes.

The Marc Fisher Standard

The focus that Fisher puts on women's feet and what they will wear on them isn't about turning out crazy styles and outrageous looks. He prefers to focus on wearable pieces that are comfortable and fashionable. In fact, according to his website, if it isn't wearable it's not worth it.

For women that have shunned comfort in the search of fashion, Fisher has worked to design products that cover both. They are are made to be both fashionable and functional. That's key to success in the business when you consider that 60 percent of the sales of women's shoes of the past couple years can be attributed to fashion-savvy Millennials

And thanks to Fisher, it's nice to know that the women in your life don't have to sacrifice their feet to the fashion monster. Pumps and heels made with pointy toes that pinch your feet and no cushion in the soles are a nightmare (read: you won't have to carry her home after a night of dancing).

ltd_01.jpgThe Marc Fisher Style

Women looking for comfort no longer have to look to those mood-killing crocs. Instead, they can adopt something beautiful and stylish with comfortable Marc Fisher shoes, which you can check out on Instagram. His 2015 Ltd. line boasts fun things, like open toes at metallic colours. However, there are also classic and timeless nude shades, basic black, and an array of other colours.

If women want to be in style, Fisher has all of the trends covered. She can go with flats or heels. And don't fear, there are even woven lattice sandals that somewhat similar to the gladiator style that is in right now.

Through it all, the shoes still come out on top. If a woman is looking for comfort and style, Marc Fisher is a great brand to dress her feet in.

And you know they're made by someone that has a passion for creating beautiful shoes that are comfortable and wearable, so she'll look great all day and night. And who doesn't want that?

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