I had been an analog smoker for nearly a decade before I decided to go full-time with using electronic cigarettes (e-cigs). Analog is what you’d call your traditional cigarettes; it could be the pack you smoke or had rolled.

The hardest part of the transition, for me, was:

- Replicating the “harshness” of the puff

- Finding a flavour I enjoyed

- Not falling back to the easy accessibility of a pack

Replicating the “throat hit” is one of the first noticeable aspects of making a switch from analog to digital nicotine. A normal cigarette is very harsh because it’s burning tobacco so naturally it has a “weight” when it reaches your lungs and if you allow it to fill your mouth (especially with cigars).

Electronic cigarettes provide that smoking alternative which has fewer carcinogens but not always the same sort of experience. The disposable e-cigs you’ll often find in drug stores and gas stations are very weak to where you feel like you’re inhaling air. You may be receiving the nicotine you crave but because it doesn’t have that “punch” – it doesn’t quite keep you satisfied compared to what you have become accustomed to with normal, analog cigarettes.

The switch to electronic cigarettes, which use a larger battery, tank, and custom e-juice makes all the difference. It sounds diminishing but in a way you are trying to get yourself addicted to vaping versus the traditional smoking ritual.

With the right setup – you notice the difference and begin to make the switch:

- A comparable (or even higher) nicotine level will entice you to switch to an electronic cigarette because it gives you the same buzz without having to sit and burn through the entire thing.

- A flavour that matches your favourite brand, or delivers a higher quality, can easily take its place (such as switching from a natural, American Spirit to Virginia tobacco flavored e-juice); a flavour you enjoy will keep you actively using the vape setup versus bland flavours you’ll most likely find at local stores.

The setup also matters in terms of satisfying the oral fixation.

Many people cutting back on smoking generally switch to chewing on mints as a way to distract them from the hand-to-mouth motion of smoking a cigarette. An analog smoke is one where you know you’re likely sitting there or 5-10 minutes in this crazed ritual.

With an electronic cigarette, you can take a quick puff, set aside your vape, and continue on with the important tasks at hand – you have accomplished the routine but without the chain smoking that’s likely to happen when a pack or fellow smoker is around.

When you have the “throat hit” and flavour taken care of, along with some commitment, you’ll notice you can easily transition from an analog smoker to one that’s purely digital within a few days. The ease-of-access to a puff or two of your vape starts to show how you’ve cut down on chain smoking because you don’t feel obliged to finish each new analog you light up.

The last component of it all is in knowing the fact that it’s still very, very easy to fall back to old habits. An e-cig is great but sometimes you may feel the urge to taste an analog cigarette (especially so if you run out of battery or juice when you’re out partying). It’s not the end of the world if you switch back for a puff or two but don’t let it continue to slip.

Overall, switching from analog to digital is going to do wonders compared to inhaling all those toxins, spending a good deal of money for each pack, and what you’re missing out on when you have to take a smoke break. Remember that each time you start to feel like you’re slipping back – take a breather, remember you’re doing better than before, and it’s still only just nicotine.

Make the switch.

It may seem quite foreign to you, at first, but it’s a step in the right direction. Who knows? You may be able to use e-cigs as a stepping stone for quitting altogether – even if you don’t, it’s immensely better than what you’re putting in your body compared to burning actual tobacco.

It’s your choice. You’re not powerless to tobacco and nicotine.

Experiment and find the right blend of hardware, juice, and routine that will fit your lifestyle.


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