You may have seen shows like Californication and think to yourself, man… Hank Moony (played by David Duchovny) has it made. While the hot and heavy scenes are certainly great for entertainment, sex addiction is a real problem. There are varying levels of sex addiction. A person may possess the desire to have intercourse, masturbate, or even watch pornographic movies to fulfill his needs.

A man is ultimately described as a sex addict when his sexual behavior or appetite gets way out of control and begins to impact his life and those around him in a negative way. Prescott House, a facility that offers sex addiction treatment for men, points out that someone who is likely suffering from a sexual addiction will engage in risky sexual behavior in person or through the Internet despite the consequences it may have. As sexual addiction takes a great deal of energy, it can ultimately cost a man everything from his relationship to his career and more.

So how can a guy tell if he just has a strong appetite for sex or if he’s actually dealing with addiction? Here are a few signs that should help you out.

You Lead a Double Life

Do you have a side piece, mistress, or girlfriend that your wife or main girlfriend is unaware of? Do you find that you cheat on your significant other quite often? Do you have behaviors you keep secret from even your closest friends? This is classified as leading a double life. This could be a sign that you’re a sex addict. While many people cheat on their partners, the difference between a guy who’s just a jerk and a guy that’s dealing with a sexual addiction is compulsion. The strong desire to continually cheat or have sex with others outside of your relationship could mean that there is an issue you need to address.  

Always Looking for Sexual Materials

Sure, the Internet is filled with sexual and provocative content, but if you find that you’re constantly preoccupied with all things sex, you may need to get some assistance. This is not to say that the average guy that likes to watch porn would be considered an addict, but the one who exclusively seeks out sexual content might be. Whether they’re preoccupied with dating sites or stalking social media pages for sexually explicit photos, if it’s become a daily task that causes you to fall behind in other areas of your life, it is a problem.

Personal Relationships Are Being Compromised

Has sex become so important to you that you’re willing to allow it to compromise your personal relationships? Does a first date HAVE to end in sex for you? Whether you’re always on porn sites and neglecting your wife or you spend your paycheck weekly at the strip club, these are all dangerous sexual behaviors that could cost you a good relationship.

You’re Constantly Seeking Out New Sexual Adventures

There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to switch things up a bit in your sex life, but there is a fine line that could be considered reckless. If you find that you cannot receive the sexual stimuli you need from one partner and begin seeking out new partners on the regular basis, this could get serious. Much like being addicted to a substance like drugs or alcohol, eventually the avenues you’re using to get pleasure won’t be enough and you’ll need more and more. This could mean more sexual partners, riskier sexual behavior and so forth.

You Find Yourself in Legal Trouble

When you start getting in trouble with the law, you can rest assure that you’re dealing with a sexual addiction. This essentially means that you’re engaging in sexual behavior that is against the law. Whether you’re having sex with prostitutes, minors, or having sex in open public places this could get you in a lot of trouble.

You Just Feel Bad About it

Sex is something that’s supposed to make you feel good. So if you start feeling bad about your sexual behavior, chances are you’re dealing with an addiction. Feelings of extreme guilt, depression, shame, embarrassment, and anger after engaging in sexual activities typically mean that your actions are far beyond the norm and that help is ultimately needed.

It can be easy to think that an addiction to sex is fun – especially for guys, but the truth is…. it's not. Sex addicts are typically in a web of destructive behavior that can cause their lives to spiral downhill pretty quickly. If you suspect that you’re dealing with a sexual addiction, it is best to get help before the matter gets worse.

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