Online betting and playing online casino games can be a lot of fun when one is reasonable and moderate about it. Not to mention the fact that you have the chances of winning large amounts of money, but to be honest, that kind of makes online casinos and betting sites even more fun. If you do like to try your luck on an online slot, or perhaps you prefer a game of Blackjack or Roulette, make sure that you visit a casino that is mentioned by this authority. If you are a sports fan and enjoy watching sports, regardless which is your favourite sport, you have surely noticed that watching sports with the right company is a lot more fun than watching alone. Sharing the joy or the sadness with your mates if you support the same team, or teasing and mocking each other if you support rivalling teams, either way, it is fun.

Placing a Bet Makes Sports a Lot more Interesting

And some matches are so interesting, it is not even possible to make them more interesting. But, a wager placed on any match will make it a lot more interesting. Sometimes you simply forget to place a wager on the day, and you’re already down the pub, or seated in front of the TV with your friend and the match is about to begin, so there’s no time to place a bet. Well, it is possible to place a bet even after a match has started. And not being able to place a bet before a match starts isn’t the only reason why you would bet after it has started.


Live or In-play Betting

Betting on sporting events that are already underway is called ‘Live Betting’ or ‘In-play Betting’ and it is offered by all major sports betting operators nowadays. The concept is pretty simple, as soon as you log in to a betting website, or alternatively open their app, you will see, somewhere on the main screen a tab named either ‘Live Betting’ or ‘In-play Betting’ and there you’ll see all events that have already started. If there are more than few events taking place at the moment, you can browse them by sport and see only the football matches that are taking place, or say, the basketball matches.

Few Examples

The selections that are offered are pretty similar to the ones offered for pre-match betting. You can bet on whether a team is going to win, or if the match is going to end in a draw (if you’re betting on a sport where that’s possible. The odds will reflect what has happened in that match until the moment you place your wager. So, if the home team is already leading, the odds for them to win will be lower than the pre-match odds. Often you may feel that the result doesn’t reflect the situation on the field and the losing team will make a comeback. You will get better odds than if you backed that team before the match.

Also, you may use live betting to make sure that you come away with at least a bit of a profit. For example, if you have placed a pre-match bet and it is going well, your team is winning, you may bet on the opposition at much higher odds and whatever the outcome, you will make a profit, albeit smaller. 

Have Fun with Your Friends

But maybe the best aspect of live betting is that it allows you to have a lot more fun when watching a match with your mates. Say you’re watching a match and you say that the home team is going to win, but your friend thinks that the away team will win. Or you think that the home team is going to score the next goal/point, but your friend is convinced that there’ll be no goals until the end. Then you can place smaller live bets, just for laugh and see who comes away with a profit at the end. And it is even possible to combine more than one selection and place an accumulator (parlay) live bet, if you’re watching more than one match at a time. 

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