When you are going to make a food gift basket for someone, it is critical to understand that there is more involved than simply throwing a bunch of fruit and nuts into a basket and calling it done. You need to choose items that will complement the flavors of the other items. You need to package and present them well too. You also need to understand that certain arrangements will work best for older people while others might be better for younger people, and still others will be good for children. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know to make a good food gift basket.


As with any other gift, you will want to think about who your basket is for. If you have a sister–in–law who hates coffee, you wouldn’t want to send her a basket full of gourmet coffee grounds. Consider which foods your recipient is fond of. Remember to be creative too. For example, if you know that your intended recipient is a fan of different types of pies, think about filling the basket with ingredients to make different types of pies. You can check out a few ideas of some organic gift baskets to get an idea of different types of themes. 


As we are all aware of, finding great food can sometimes be a chore. Because of this, a food gift basket might not be so great as a last minute gift idea. Foods tend to have beautiful labels, ingredients that can be deceiving, and trendy packaging that can make it difficult to discern what is good from what is not so good. For that reason, you need to dig a little deeper. Try doing a bit of research on different products to find out what is used for ingredients and whether or not it is made by a reputable company or not. Then, try them yourself. You don’t want to think you are gifting someone with great food only for them to find out that it is disgusting.


When you are trying to make a food gift basket it is important to choose the right container for your goodies. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a basket either. You can use hammered tins, printed boxes, or other containers too. All of these things can be found in all different types of stores and are great to use as containers for your gift. However, just as with the food itself, you don’t want to be taken in by a good appearance alone. You will need the container that you choose to be well made, sturdy, and to be in line with the theme of your basket. Always remember to be creative too.


What good would it be to give someone rich, imported teas from Sri Lanka without also giving them the cup to steep them in? This is a big no-no. For this reason, it is sometimes a must to incorporate items that are not to be eaten with your gift… but only when they are high-quality items. Yes, you can drink coffee out of any mug, but if you are giving someone gourmet coffee grounds, not all mugs will be good with gourmet coffee. You need to ensure that any non–edible items included with your gift are useful but also that they enhance the gift as opposed to making it look too cheap.


Last but not least, you will need to think about what is going on outside of the basket. Yes, that means you need to pretty it up a bit. Back to the teas from Sri Lanka for a minute. What if after you have tasted that tea from Sri Lanka, you decided it was quite unpleasant so you decide instead to fill the basket with silk bags of something flowery. Since your new theme has to do with flowers, you might want to use a few actual flowers in the wrap design. You can get silk flowers from your local craft store and wrap a few around the handle of the basket to make a unique presentation that will be sure to impress your recipient. 

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