Our friends at Comingsoon have just brought this to our attention: a new Man of Steel behind-the-scenes featurette depicting the creation of the "Battle of Smallville."

The battle is sure to be a major set piece in the film, and director Zack Snyder talks about the importance of having Superman "land in America," that is, an authentic, lived-in setting.

The producers, screenwriters, and actors also talk about the challenges of creating a more "relatable" hero fit for modern audiences.

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill in the title role, as well as Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, and Russell Crowe.

The film hits theatres June 14.

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We all saw this one coming, right? According to something called HitFix, Tom Hardy is in the running to play Elton John in the biopic, Rocketman.

"Right now, the project is out to Tom Hardy," reports the site. "That doesn't mean they've made him a formal offer yet, or even that he's interested, but it's an intriguing possibility."

Directed by Michael Gracey and produced by John himself, Rocketman will be "a biographical musical fantasy that weaves together the life of Sir Elton John and his music."

And in the second act, John turns into a raging lunatic and murders everyone critical of his hidden homosexuality, only to be tamed and loved by a caped crusader named David Furnish. We would pay to see that.

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Elton John Plays with Queens of the Stoneage


If you ever wanted to know what chef Matt Dean Pettit’s restaurants are all about, he has three words for you: “seafood, Canadiana and booze.”

That was the successful formula behind his first Rock Lobster Food Co. restaurant in Toronto on Ossington Ave. and it’s the same foundation for location No. 2 on Queen St. West in the old Shanghai Cowgirl, which is scheduled to open June 8.

HomewardBound.jpgChef Pettit invited a small group of media to sample from his new menu while the restaurant is very much under construction. Expect a similar look and feel to the first place – complete with a mural painted by Pettit’s father Donald, more Canadian-themed art and even a stuffed mounted deerhead.

What will be different from this popular original location?

There will be a raw bar but the menu will feature different items. At our tasting, we were treated to Lobster Deviled Eggs, Digby Scallops and Sweet Corn with Mint Green Pea Puree, The Rocks Surf and Turf Burger (which is on the menu during Toronto's Burger Week for $5), Old Fashioned Crab Boil and Sam Adams Steampot.  

The new Rock Lobster will again feature specialty cocktails that are unique takes on classics. We sampled The Fourty-Ninth Parallel. Made with barrel-aged spiced CC, sweet vermouth, amaro nonino, maple and aromatic bitters and cohiba cigar tincture, and garnished with a Bourbon-marinated cherry, it’s not your average Manhattan.

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What else is unique to Rock Lobster Food Co.’s new restaurant?

“It’ll be open for lunch and open seven days a week,” says Pettit. “And we’ll have a patio that seats 80.”

MattysSeafood.jpgAnd to further Pettit’s ongoing quest to make lobster accessible to all Canadians, the new Rock Lobster will have its own retail corner, complete with fishmonger, custom sauces, soups and other offerings. Pettit, who has developed relationships with East Coast fishermen to bring in fresh seafood to his establishments and sells seafood wholesale to other area businesses, will be extending his offerings to restaurant patrons. He envisions diners adding a take-away order to their bill of Haddock filets and Digby scallops and heading home with fresh seafood.

No doubt you’ll be able to purchase his new book there someday in the future too. At our Under Construction dinner, Pettit announced a deal with Random House imprint Appetite Books to create a Lobster 101 book, official title yet to be determined, which will publish in fall 2014.

Another restaurant and a book … we can’t wait!


In a few short weeks, the Chase and the Chase Fish and Oyster will cater to Toronto's downtown highrollers.

To promote the new restaurants, the Chase Fish and Oyster food truck is rolling across the city, handing out free samples right from the menu of executive chef Michael Steh.

The truck is also holding a photo contest. Diners lucky enough to spot the truck, are asked to take its picture and post it on Twitter with the hashtag, #ChaseTheChase. Winners receive a VIP dining experience at the new restaurants.

As announced by TORO in February, the Chase and the Chase Fish and Oyster will open in the newly renovated Dineen Building at Yonge and Temperance. Sprawling two floors, the restaurants will also boast a rooftop terrace.

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Patrick Stewart, Knight of the British Empire, Captain of the USS Enterprise, and 72-year-old man, just ate his first slice of pizza.


"My first ever pizza 'slice.' Please note: the authentic NY fold," he tweeted, avec photo. 

Stewart's overdue pie indulgence is one of life's greatest mysteries. As a man who grew up working class, has travelled the world, and spent much of his life living in New York, how could Stewart never have consumed the most accessible, popular, and proletariat of dishes?

He does emphasize the word "slice" in his tweet. Perhaps he's only eaten pizza "bagels" and pizza "burgers"?

In any case, congratulations Sir Stewart. You had a dream to eat pizza, and you made it so.

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Pulitzer hogs ABQ Journal are reporting that a 25-year-old New Mexico man crashed his car while drinking, speeding, and having sex. What an amateur.

Worse still, our hero in this debacle, Luis Briones, fled the scene, ditching his lady friend. Natasha Carroll was ejected from the vehicle and landed naked on Albuquerque's Pennsylvania NE.

Drunk with douchery, the almost naked (he had a shoe) Sideshow Bob Briones hid in a cactus patch.

Briones was eventually caught and charged with aggrevated DWI, reckless driving, and evading police.

Carroll is currently in hospital being treated for facial lacerations. It is not known if she will receive charges as well.

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Our good friends at Marben restaurant are ready to kick off their third annual Sausage League, a competition that will see some of Toronto's best chefs and meat purveyors battle one-on-one to win the crown of Sausage King. 

"The last two years of Sausage League produced truly memorable dishes from some of the city's most talented chefs and butchers," said Marben proprietor Simon Benstead. "I can't wait to see what our participants come up with this year.”

Competing restaurants include Barque Bistro, the Saint Tavern, Bestellen, Trevor Kitchen and Bar, the Yukon, Farmhouse Tavern, Origin, Museum Tavern, the Harbord Room, and Parts and Labour.

The winning chef or butcher and a friend win a trip to Chicago, home of the original sausage king, Abe Froman

Muskoka Brewery will also be supplying beer for each event, with a special emphasis pairings.

Battles will take place every Wednesday night at Marben. Tonight's battle will pit Bryan Birch of Barque Bistro versus reigning champion, Jesse Vallins, from the Saint. On June 5, Farmhouse Tavern takes on Bestellen; on June 12, the Yukon battles Trevor Kitchen and Bar; on June 19 Museum Tavern faces Origin.

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Last week, Universal Studios announced that they were expanding the area around the Simpsons ride, converting it into a massive replica of Springfield.

Well, Universal's made great progress and you can follow the construction in the video below.

Upon completion, the park will have a Duff Brewery, Moe's Tavern, Krusty Burger, Lard Lad, Luigi's Pizza, and Kwik-E-Mart. There will also be a Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl and the Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop.

"For the first time ever, [fans are] going to be able to enter a world that they've only seen on television," said President of Universal Creative, Mark Woodbury.

The Simpsons theme park will be open sometime this summer. If you want to fulfil you dreams and finally become a citizen of Springfield, apply here.

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Our friends at Gawker (via Reddit, via Internet, via Universe) report that JC Penney is selling a tea kettle that looks like Hitler.

Media outlets began reporting on the story after several passersby noticed an odd billboard (pictured above) near Culver City.

The button moustache; the swooping haircut; the effiminate hand gesture — it's all there.

The kettle is a Michael Graves creation and is described as having "a cool-touch handle, space-saving design, and a delightful whistle to let you know when it's ready to pour."

So far, JC Penney has refused to comment on the allegations, but are happy to confirm that the kettle is selling like gangbusters among people named Leni and Joseph.

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Exclaim is reporting that Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, has leaked the tracklist for his son's forthcoming album, Nothing Was the Same — maybe.

The photo below, posted on Graham Sr.'s Instagram profile, seems to show all 15 songs that will appear on the new album.

If the photo is authentic, Nothing Was the Same will feature guest appearances from Saukrates, Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Future, Lil Wayne, and Birdman, along with production from Clams Casino, T-Minus, Boi-1da, Sizz Beatz, Timbaland, and Just Blaze. That's a veritable hip hop all-star team.

The picture was quickly taken down from Papa Graham's account, but it looks legitimate to us.

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The San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan is widely regarded as the greatest power forward of all-time. Can you imagine how much better Duncan could have been if he knew he had arms?

Last night, as the Spurs were on their way to sweeping the Memphis Grizzlies in this year's conference final, NBA fan edmilliondaire saw Duncan do something funny.

In the video below, it appears as though the power forward is discovering his most useful of limbs for the first time — that or he's on acid.

Watch out Miami: You may have Lebron James, but San Antonio, for the first time ever, has a fully-abled Duncan.

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Earlier today, with only a few hours to spare, the Rob Ford Crackstarter finally raised over $200,000.

The crowdsourcing effort was started 10 days ago by Gawker editor John Cook, in an effort to raise enough funds to by a video which allegedly depicts the mayor of Toronto smoking crack cocaine.

However, there is no guarantee that the video will surface. The owner of the video has been out of contact with Gawker for nearly two weeks, and Cook's confidence in the endeavour is "diminished."

If Gawker cannot reach the owner, all of the proceeds will be donated to a Canadian charity involved with substance abuse.

Though it hasn't been confirmed by Ford himself, the crack scandal seems to have shaken his administration. On Friday, the mayor fired his chief of staff, Mark Towhey. Earlier today, Ford's press secretary, George Christopoulos, and deputy dommunications officer, Isaac Ransom, resigned.

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Legendary actor Christopher Lee turned 91 today, and to celebrate, he dropped a heavy metal album.

This is not a joke. Moreover, Charlemagne: The Omens of Death isn't even Lee's first metal effort. In 2010, he released Charlemagne: The Sword and the Cross, which won the "Spirit of Metal" award that year.

Lee talks about his commitment to the genre in the video below. And it's amazing.

The Lord of the Rings actor collaborated with former Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, who claims that Lee's portrayal of Dracula inspired his music early on.

The albums bare the namesake of the first Holy Roman Emperor, also known as Charles the Great, whom Lee claims is a distant relative on his mother's side.

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In honour of the Arts and Crafts' 10th Anniversary Field Trip Music and Arts Festival, House of Anansi has published an e-book inspired by Broken Social Scene's 2002 album, You Forgot It In People.

The Broken Social Scene Story Project: Short Works Inspired by You Forgot It In People features 13 works of fiction, each one inspired by a song on the album.

A few months ago, Anansi asked its readers to submit short stories for the project. Winners were selected by Leslie Feist, Brendan Canning, Charles Spearin, and Anansi's senior editor, Jared Bland.

Below is the list of winners. You can learn more about them here.

The Broken Social Scene Story Project: Short Works Inspired by You Forgot It In People will be out on June 8 via House of Anansi's short story imprint, Astoria.

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Capture the Flag" - Sheila Toller (Toronto)

"KC Accidental" - Morgan Murray (St. John's)

"Stars and Sons" - Tom Halford (St. John's)

"Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Remix)" - Hollie Adams (Calgary)

"Looks Just Like The Sun" - Jesse McLean (Toronto)

"Pacific Theme" - Shari Kasman (Toronto)

"Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl" - Caitlin Galway (Toronto)

"Cause=Time" - Jane Ozkowski (Toronto)

"Late Nineties Bedroom Rock For The Missionaries" - Eliza Robertson (Victoria)

"Shampoo Suicide" - Marisa Gelfusa (Toronto)

"Lover's Spit" - Meghan Doraty (Calgary)

"I'm Still Your Fag" - Zoe Whittall (Toronto)

"Pitter Patter Goes My Heart" - Marcia Walker (Toronto)


Thanks to YouTube and girls who like dancing drunk, Daft Punk's single "Get Lucky" has become the summer's unofficial anthem. And thanks to people who think they're musicians, it's already been covered a shitzillion times.

Some versions of the song rise above the others, like Charles Butler's, for example. His is a skillful banjo interpretation which is surprisingly haunting. You can check it out below.

"A heartfelt thanks to everyone who left words of encouragement," Butler wrote in the video's description. "And thank you to Daft Punk. Random Access Memories is amazing, go get it."

Butler plans to cut a new version of the cover and post it as a free download.

Random Access Memories is currently available wherever people "buy" music these days.

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Below, Daily TORO provides some updates concerning the ongoing Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal.

We might not get this video after all. Since last Thursday, Gawker has been supervising the Indiegogo Crackstarter, a crowdsourcing effort to raise the $200,000 necessary to purchase the alleged video of Rob Ford smoking crack from its anonymous owner. Unfortunately, it seems the owner has disintegrated into perpetual anonymity. Gawker has not been able to reach the man in question since Sunday.

"Our confidence that we can get a deal done has...diminished," wrote Editor John Cook.

The campaign has raised over $163,000. If it does not meet its goal by Monday afternoon, all the money will be refunded to its donors. If Gawker is successful in raising the funds, all proceeds will be donated to a Canadian substance abuse charity.

Why did the mayor fire his chief of staff? Yesterday, Ford fired his right hand man Mark Towhey over, well, nobody knows.

"I am no longer the chief of staff," Towhey said while being pressed by reporters in the City Hall parking lot. "I did not resign." 

Then, before driving off, Towhey said: "I’ve given the mayor my advice. He can choose to take it or not take it."

It's been rumoured that a rift between Ford and Towhey has been brewing for some time. The National Post claims that Towhey confronted Ford about his alleged alcohol problem, and the mayor took exception. The Star suggests Towhey wanted Ford to step down as mayor in the wake of his alleged crack abuse. But perhaps the tension between the two had simply grown unbearable after over two years of staff infighting and near constant scandals.

Ford's allies want answers too. According to the Star, the mayor's executive committee will soon release an extraordinary statement urging Ford to extensively address the crack-smoking allegations. Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday will sign the letter, as well as councillors Peter Milczyn, Jaye Robinson, and Gary Crawford.

"These members that are signing the letter urge the mayor to come out and make a comment to the media and to the public," said Holyday.

Should the mayor resign, Holyday would become Toronto's acting mayor. Council, however, would have the right to trigger another election, a fate that almost came to pass when Ford was embroiled in his conflict of interest case. 

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The only thing that hasn't been turned into a porno is probably The Littlest Hobo (fingers crossed), so we're not surprised to hear that Lena Dunham's Girls is getting the adult treatment.

Vulture is reporting that porn maven Richie Calhoun is directing This Ain't Girls XXX, a hardcore parody of HBO's already sex-laden television series.

The press release had this to say: "In the XXX parody, Hannah (Alex Chance) decides to forsake men, and boyfriend Adam, to experiment with lesbianism. After a few satisfying jaunts she returns to Adam — and mankind."

Sounds about right.

Dunham is not happy about the spoof, though. "I wish I had a better attitude about the Girls porn parody," she tweeted earlier today. "I really can never predict what will trouble me and it's simply exhausting."

Remember, Lena: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — especially when there are naked German midgets whipping each other with three-foot purple dildoes.

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According to the Toronto Star, Mayor Rob Ford has been dismissed as Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School's head football coach.

The firing comes amidst allegations that there exists a video in which Ford smokes crack cocaine and spews racial and homophobic slurs. Indeed, the Star claims that in the video, Ford refers to his football team as "just fucking minorities."

Toronto's Catholic school board claims that Ford is being removed principally for an "inaccurate" interview he conducted with Sun News. In the the interview, Ford says that many of his football players "come from gangs" and "broken homes."

Despite his controversial language, Ford seemed to enjoy interacting with the Don Bosco team and often cited his coaching as evidence of his dedication Toronto's less fortunate.

However, Ford critics are quick to note that the mayor's football team often eats into his working hours at City Hall. The mayor has also been accused of abusing his power to help the team, by way of demanding a working TTC bus to act as a team charter, for example.

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As Paul Simon would say, these truly are the "days of lasers in the jungle."

According to something called the Washington Post, NASA wants to create a 3D printer that will generate meals. Yes, like the replicators from Star Trek.

Such an invention would allow humans to live on planets like Mars for long periods of time and would also benefit us insects here on Earth.

Texas-based Systems and Materials Research recently received a $125,000 grant from NASA to create a printer capable of creating "nutritious and flavourful" astro-grub.

NASA's current food system is "not adequate in nutrition or acceptability through the five-year shelf life required for a mission to Mars, or other long duration missions," spokesman David Steitz said in a statement.

One of the team's first realistic goals is to make a pizza. If only Rob Ford's crack tape could surface as easily.

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PBS has just announced that Season 2 of their James Beard award-winning series The Mind of a Chef will star chefs Sean Brock and April Bloomfield. You can watch the teaser below.

"It's our privilege to be working with two incredibly talented and driven chefs this season," said Executive Producer Chris Collins, via press release. "With Sean we plow headfirst into his world of true Southern cuisine — from long lost seeds and crops in the lowlands of South Carolina to rice fields in Senegal. April is marching us from the Pacific Northwest to Birmingham, England, tracing culinary tradition, instinct and obsession — from cops to curries to clams."

Brock is the executive chef and partner of McCrady's and Husk in Charleston, and a participant in the distinguished Cook It Raw event. Bloomfield is the executive chef and co-owner of New York's the Spotted Pig, the Breslin Bar and Dining Room, the John Dory Oyster Bar, and Salvation Taco.

Produced by Anthony Bourdain's Zero Point Zero Productions, The Mind of a Chef takes an intimate look at the inspiration and process of a given chef of note, with each episode tackling a specific theme. Season 1 focused on David Chang.

Season 2 of The Mind of a Chef premieres sometime in the Fall of 2013.

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