David “Davy” Jones, actor and original member of pop rock group The Monkees, has died of a heart attack at the age of 66.

The Monkees formed in 1966 to support an American television series of the same name, with the British-born Jones earning an audition spot through his Screen Gems studio contract. Though they're often remembered for being one of the first rock groups openly created by corporate interest, the show and band were a huge success with young audiences and produced a number of hits (the Jones-led “Daydream Believer,” “Last Train to Clarksville” and Neil Diamond cover “I’m a Believer” chief among them) now considered classics of the time period.

Their film Head (1968), directed by Bob Rafelson and co-written by a young Jack Nicholson, is also held in high regard, a prime artifact of early psychedelic cinema.

After The Monkees disbanded in 1971 Jones continued to perform his own music and act occasionally, with appearances on Boy Meets World, SpongeBob Squarepants, and most recently Phineas and Ferb. The original Monkees, minus Michael Nesmith, reunited for a North American tour in 2011, though its second autumn leg was postponed indefinitely.

Jones is survived by his wife and four daughters.


Though its status in the “official Wilco studio album” canon is arguable, there’s no question that Mermaid Avenue Vol. 1 (1998) is one of the strongest LPs the Chicago cult heroes have ever put their name on. Vol. 2 (2000) had its share of choice cuts, as well.

Now the collaborative series with British singer Billy Bragg, which creates songs out of unused Woody Guthrie lyrics, has become a trilogy. Vol. 3 will come packaged with The Complete Sessions box set, or will be attainable as an individual download, on April 21. 

Vol. 3:

1. Bugeye Jim
2. When the Roses Bloom Again
3. Gotta Work
4. My Thirty Thousand
5. Ought to Be Satisfied Now
6. Listening to the Wind That Blows
7. Go Down to the Water
8. Chain of Broken Hearts
9. Jailcell Blues
10. Don’t You Marry
11. Give Me a Nail
12. The Jolly Banker
13. Union Prayer
14. Be Kind to the Boy On the Road
15. Ain’t-a Gonna Grieve
16. Tea Bag Blues
17. I’m Out to Get

[via AV Club]

Photo Gallery DAILY TORO

One of our favourite TORO Women, Trish Stratus, took over AMC Yonge and Dundas in Toronto last night for a red carpet debut for her first independant feature film Bounty Hunters.

Bounty Hunters is available now on DVD. For more info on the movie including cast, stills, and more visit

Check out the trailer below.


The big news of the day – besides the Oscars being the most boring even tso far this year, barring Sean Young's attempted afterparty crash/arrest – has been the cancellation of Erykah Badu's concert in Kuala Lumpur. No, she didn't cancel it herself in order to get pregnant from another avant-gard erapper like Andre 3000 or Jay Electronica.

The cancellation is due to Islamic furor: a promotional photo of her was printed in a Malaysian newspaper that revealed the name of Allah written on her body – a major no-no for the predominently Muslim country.

Why did the newspaper print this clearly inflammatory picture? They claim “inadvertance," which is the same excuse I gave when I answered the door earlier today while not wearing pants. Badu's newest Tweet (as I write) this says “I deserve it." Said tweet be a reference to this depressing controversy – or it COULD be a reference to a chocolate sundae she just ate. I do not deign to guess which.


The news of the day seems to be the announcement of rare live dates for German technopop pioneers Kraftwerk, in the form of one week of shows at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

People are foaming at the mouth to get tickets for all the shows, each of which will be the band playing one of their albums all the way through. Tickets are a steal of a deal - $25 a piece, but this means that they've probably sold out by the time you've read this.

I may have stopped you from buying Kraftwerk tickets. Think about that. It's depressing.

Consolation prize: if you can't buy tickets for those shows, there are still seats available for the two year residency in my basement for my one man band, where I will be playing all the Led Zeppelin songs in existence (and some songs I wrote that I think sound a bit like Led Zeppelin) using just bongos and my gross voice. Tickets are $10,000, but I will be very grateful if you buy one.


[html]A few weeks ago we put together a list of songs covered wrong, and here’s another one: Taylor Swift and Zac Efron singing Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” a song about shooting your classmates because they wear better shoes, on Ellen. Enjoy?

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[html]Christopher Reimer (above far right) guitarist for Calgary noise-rock favourites Women has been found dead. The Calgary Herald reports that Reimer passed away in his sleep though no other details are immediately available. 

Women formed in 2007 though the members, including brothers Patrick and Matthew Flegel and Michael Wallace, had apparently been friends since a very young age. The band’s self-titled debut dropped in 2008 to critical acclaim, noted for bringing a distorted, menacing sound quality rarely found in indie rock.

2010’s Public Strain broadened that acclaim but its title proved prophetic, when in October of that year an onstage scuffle broke out between the band members, leading Reimer to declare to the audience that it would be their “last show.” Management latter clarified that only the remaining tour dates had been cancelled, but no word of reconciliation was forthcoming. 

“Black Rice” (Live): 


If being accused of not paying child support is news, DMX may need his own 24-hour news channel. He apparently owes a cool $1 million in unpaid diaper bills for a baby – but his reasoning behind lack of payment is doubt. He doesn't think the baby is his. This isn't the first time he's made that claim – in 2007 a DNA test proved a baby he didn't think was his in fact, was.

Here are some ways to tell that a baby (who I am assuming is a boy) is the spawn of Mr. X:

- He yells at you.
- He barks at you.
- His first words are “I want a dog-related tattoo.”
- He asks for a Kawasaki Ninja tricyle – we all remember Ruff Ryders rode sporty little motorbikes, right?
- Whenever Ruff Ryders Anthem comes on, he begins to howl.
- When you sing him a lullabye, he offers to “get on the remix” for the right price.
- He loves taking his shirt off.
- Anytime he wins an award he makes sure to thank God in a lengthy, rhyming manner.

If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, time to hit the courts B-ball style - and sue DMX!


In the wake of the Grammy awards, the internet has been begging me to weigh in on the Chris Brown situation — and believe me, I wish it were a story about Chris Brown and “The Situation” becoming a couple. But no ...

Chris Brown played the Grammys, he won a Grammy, and people are grossed out. He's like the 21st O.J. Simpson in his violent smugness. I am very sensitive about this subject: I even think we shouldn't have car commercials on television, because many of them also hit people. But Chris Brown is worse because he is a person and not a car. Plus he went online and bragged that his Grammy win is the ultimate "f*ck off."

Guess what I'm trying to say is that he makes me uncomfortable — but he made me feel that way before any of this abusiveness was happening. I just felt awkward because he is a more talented dancer than me, as are many others. I am awkward at life because there are so many better dancers than me.



There hasn't been that much excitement at Air Canada Centre since the days of Vince Carter's dominance.

And the sold-out crowd was clearly there for one reason, to see New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.

Lin, a journeyman point guard who has stepped in with injuries to Carmelo Anthony and Baron Davis, has seemingly come out of nowhere to lead the Knicks.

And while the Raptors seemed to dominate taking a 17-point lead through the first half, Lin was still the Knicks' best player.

But as Toronto fans know, a huge lead at the half isn't a sure thing and in the end, Lin did not disappoint, hitting a three-pointer at the buzzer to break an 87-87 tie and seal a New York victory.

The Lin-sanity continues ...


Survivor is back and this season’s “One World” concept sees no former players returning and the new men and women living on the same beach while also competing against each other. The thinking is that this will finally kill the monotony of a post-merge majority picking off minority tribe members one by one.

Will there be new strategic struggles of both the heart and mind with this concept? Really, I don’t see that much changing. Still to me, this remains the best show on television.

Over time, I've developed a pretty good reputation at being able to pick the people to watch so here are my Top 5 contestants from Survivor: One World.

survivoralicia.jpg5.  Alicia Rosa – On paper, Alicia, raises a lot of red flags. She says that one of her hobbies is spending and that people will underestimate her because of her good looks. Don’t let this fool you. She is a special education teacher (meaning she has patience and great social skills). In commercials, she can be seen as one of the few girls who openly flirt with the men. She also won’t be perceived as a threat. Don’t discount the unlikeable strategy. It makes you perfect to take to the end.

survivorcolton.jpg4.  Colton Cumbie – This 21-year-old college student is a gay Republican (yes, you read that correctly) and describes himself as a mixture of Parvati, Corinne and JT. He says that he is heartless (but in a ‘loveable’ way), has a low tolerance for trash (assume he is referring to people and not leftovers) and that people hate him (but also want to be his best friend). It's a pretty solid bio for a villain. We have never seen a ‘Colton’ on the show before and I believe the fact that he actually invited 15 people to his birthday party just so he could vote them off gives us a good idea of how he will play. He won’t win but expect him to do big things.


survivorchelsea.jpg3.  Chelsea Meissner – The most beautiful girl ever on Survivor?  That’s the rumour about this 26-year-old bombshell from South Carolina who host Jeff Probst described as being ‘born’ to play the game. She is comfortable with hunting, fishing and said that she hasn’t seen any other ‘country girls who have a strong redneck side that are strong competitors’ on the show. I think she can fly under the radar, use her looks and sail to the end.

survivorsabrina.jpg2.  Sabrina Thompson – A high school teacher from Brooklyn is used to adversity and that’s what this New Yorker faces on a daily basis being from the same tough neighbourhood as Mike Tyson. She says her favourite player is the only two-time Survivor winner, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and Sandra has always claimed that the key to her victories was voting for anyone else. I expect the same from Sabrina.

survivorkimberly.jpg1.  Kimberly Spradlin – In one of her pre-show interviews, this 26-year-old Bridesmaid Boutique owner said that she can adapt. As any Survivor will tell you, that is the most important aspect of the game.  Adapt to the people around you, the twists, the conditions…. Kim can befriend the girls and attract the attention of the guys (for obvious reasons). She also says she can tell you what animal you are within five minutes of meeting you. My guess is that she is a lioness and will be queen of the jungle.

Survivor One World premieres tonight on Global and CBS at 8 p.m.



kateupton.jpgThere you go. I don’t know what else to say about this, really. I remember back in the day they used to actually photograph the models at exotic locations instead of Photoshopping them against some tropical screensaver. That doesn’t even look like real water. But who cares. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! [Photo credit Walter Iooss Jr./Sports Illustrated]


Michael Bay’s Transformers series has grossed so much money the producers could probably afford to build actual giant robot actors. That much money also means the series will never, ever stop, apparently doubling back on itself in a mere three years to start the story anew.

This according to producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (great name, guy) who has promised/threatened to have another Transformers entry by 2014, again directed by Bay. The new “reboot”, whatever the hell that means anymore, will feature a fresh cast of characters, as none of the original series regulars have signed on for more and Shia LaBeaouf is busy with movies that actually sound watchable.

In the meantime, everyone starved for a new Transformers movie can simulate the experience by sitting in their living room with all previous entries playing simultaneously at maximum volume. 


“Fans” of Karl Lagerfeld may already know that he's gotten in a bit of trouble, as the Chanel employee/ style maven/78 year old grouch recently commented on singer Adele, calling her beautiful, but a 'little too fat.’

Now people are calling for a boycott, although the singer's camp refuses to comment either way. Meanwhile, she's slated to perform at the Grammys this year – and if she is super skinny for it, I will be pissed! I like women with healthy figures because – bear with me here – if I ever need to eat them, they will provide more sustenance.

As for Karl, he's so old that I'm sure his skin would be scaly, chewy and gamey. It would be like eating a lizard. Karl Lagerfeld seems to forget he used to be full-figured himself. I'm assuming he then starved himself in solidarity with the people who model his clothes. Now he has cheeks that are hollower than the world's longest digeridoo. They also produce a similar sound.

Lagerfeld has since released another statement explaining his remarks were taken out of context and in fact he meant them toward Lana “Punching Bag” Del Ray. If I were Adele, I'd be more offended that “I'd like a half pint of” Lagerfeld confused Adele's amazing voice with LDR's Nico meets Shakira at the bus station voice.


Just when you thought Madonna was no longer stalking material, back comes 1996. Well, not the year exactly, just the guy who got arrested for stalking her in that particular annum.

According to Rolling Stone, Robert Dewey Hoskins, who had been committed to a mental institution after breaking into Madonna’s home to propose to her, quietly escaped from his facility in Norwalk, California and is “at large.”

What’s so wrong with a proposal, you ask? Well, this momentous event wasn’t exactly a get down on one knee occasion. Hoskins threatened to slit Madonna’s throat if she said no. I’m guessing that’s how Sean Penn did it too. But he was probably better at justifying his love.

At any rate, I hope Hoskins gets caught quickly. Judging by Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance, she can barely walk, let alone run.


If being energetic and frightening were money, Gary Busey would be a rich, rich man. Unfortunately, it's not — and apparently he isn't, having declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

I really don't understand life. A guy who was nominated for an Oscar for pretending to be Buddy Holly should be set for life, but instead he winds up with no assets and massive debts. What can that mean for me? By the time I'm Busey's age I'll probably be working in a salt mine just so I can afford to eat half a shawarma a day. Remember how the last couple of years in North America were all about Busey?

Well, he either spent the money he got for his reality show appearances, or he threw it in fire for an odd reason. Either way, I hope he gets out of this mess. He's currently appearing on Two And A Half Men in order to do so. I guess that's better than taking the 'human scarecrow' job I offered him.


[html]Anyone lucky enough to see ‘Ye and Jay’s Watch the Throne tour was probably unlucky enough to hear album highlight “N***as in Paris” close to 10 times in a row, an idea that seems novel until about the 6th time in a row.

ONE MORE TIME (side-effects may include severe seizures):


Canada’s current champion of comedic drama Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air) isn’t known for including violence or profane ruminations on pop culture in his movies, which makes his next project all the more curious: a table-read staging of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

Reitman has previously staged tamer fare like The Apartment (with Steve Carrell) and The Princess Bride (with Paul Rudd) to the benefit of lucky Los Angeles audiences. What makes this notable news is Reitman’s apparent desire to reimagine the 1992 film with an all-black cast, saying “What makes the Reservoir Dogs script work so well is, despite the fact that it was cast with all white actors, it really is a script that could feature any race.”

Yeah! Aside from this entire scene, and lines like “The man walks into prison a white man, walks out talkin' like a f**in’ n***er” and “You guys are acting like a bunch of f**in' n***ers. You wanna be n***ers, huh?” it ... could ... fit ... any ... race. They might want to at least double-check that script first, maybe.

Confirmed cast so far:

Terrence Howard ... Mr. Blonde
Anthony Mackie ... Mr. Pink
Cuba Gooding Jr. ... Mr. Orange
Anthony Anderson ... Nice Guy Eddie

[Via Entertainment Weekly]


[html]After just barely making our Best of 2011 list with their still-insane Exmilitary tape, Sacramento industrial-rap-punk-rock group Death Grips are not slowing down. Because their BMP levels are incredibly high. And they’ll be releasing two new albums this year.

In the meantime here’s a fresh track called “Blackjack”, which honestly isn’t the best introduction to Death Grips I could imagine but a treat for fans nonetheless:


[html]Despite earning 2 Oscar Nominations for Best Picture and Director, Stephen Daldry’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close has yet to find much of an audience, earning only $26 million back of its $40 million budget. 

That might be because it’s a movie about 9/11, or maybe because it’s terrible. Nope, definitely the first part, as this new Dutch poster indicates. If you don’t have time to click, here’s a close-up of the tag-line:


Yikes. Could you imagine if every studio that made a movie about horrible tragic shit straight-up washed their hands of its content?

- The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: “Now with only 4 minutes of rape.” 

- The Help: “Racism without all the naughty words.”

- Or Daldry’s own The Reader: “This is not a story about the Holocaust, it’s a story about a Nazi who is sad."