Can't get enough Kimbra? We've got you covered with one more video live from SXSW in Austin, Texas.  TORO's Tony Felgueiras captured Kimbra performing her latest and unreleased single "Come Into My Head" at the Filter Magazine S.O TERIK day party showcase.

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TORO caught up with Youth Lagoon at the Hotel Vegan party at SXSW 2012 to capture this performance of "Afternoon."


Scandal has struck the Clooney family. But it's a good kind of scandal, really.

Professional film icon George Clooney was arrested yesterday at a protest outside of the Sudanese embassy in Washington, DC. He was protesting very serious human rights breaches alongside his journalist father, Martin Luther King's son, and some politicians, all of whom were arrested.

How can I get on the guest list for this exclusive-sounding prison party? There will for sure be illegal drugs. And soy milk.

I hope and believe that his arrest will lead to further publicizing of Sudan's shameful behavior. But I can't help but think that the next time a reality show contestant is reprimanded by a policeman for throwing up on an animal it will get more press.

That said, Clooney's bravery shows that he should be reinstated as Batman.


Live from SXSW TORO's Tony Felgueiras captures Kimbra performing her single "Settle Down" at the Filter Magazine S.O.TERIK day party showcase.


Generally speaking, it ain't easy to get a guy to go to hospital. That might not be the case if Canadian hospitals borrowed a page from their counterparts in Sweden. Well, one anyway. A Stockholm hospital sent out a call for summer nursing hires, including in the list of qualifications: must be "TV-series hot."

The ad read: “You will be motivated, professional and have a sense of humour. And of course, you will be TV-series hot or a Söder hipster. Throw in a nurse's education and you are welcome to seek a summer job at Södersjukhuset’s emergency department."

"We're looking to recruit competent nurses above all, but we wanted to stick out a bit with our advertising campaign," Stockholm South General (Södersjukhuset) nursing manager Jörgen Andersson told English language paper The Local.

Mission accomplished.

And, Andersson added, they haven't received any negative feedback.

Wonder if something like that would fly in Canada?


Kim Kardashian's name passed through Mad Men star Jon Hamm's lips, and it wasn't in praise of her sex tape.

In an Elle UK interview, he used her and Paris Hilton as examples of idiocy, with a somewhat eloquent statement decrying the general dumbness of pop culture in the 2000s. It was publicized and Kim got mad! She commented back by saying it's careless for him to call someone with her own TV show and business dumb.

She then posed for a nude photo with Rush Limbaugh. Just kidding, but imagine if that happened? There would be uproar. Hamm clarified his comments by stating he wasn't attacking her personally, just what she represents.

And she represents someone who was willing to have a relationship with that lip-licking creepy lil' dude Ray J, so maybe he's right. But there's still time for Jon Hamm to also make the mistake of having a sex tape with Ray.


After 244 years of hydrating your knowledge pool the Encyclopædia Britannica will be ceasing print publication, meaning you’ll now have to go online to find out just what the hell “æ” is supposed to be, among other curiosities.

Fortunately this newfangled “inter net” will provide a lasting home for the scholarly reference guide after years of falling sales. "Our database is very large now, much larger than can fit in the printed edition. Our print set version is an abridged version of what we have online," Britannica president Jorge Cauz told the Chicago Tribune.

According to Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica was originally published in 1768 in Edinburgh Scotland. Its three original volumes were enough to fit the entire sum of world knowledge up to that point, or at least by the standards of pre-industrial Scotland.

Visit Britannica’s online home, for old time’s sake.


Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has cancelled his speaking engagement in Toronto, deeming the country too dangerous.

Apparently, the decision to abort — based on reasons of security — stemmed from a visit to Vancouver last September where protesters gathered outside of the club where he was speaking to accuse him of being a war criminal over his endorsement of torturing prisoners.

If one were to take last year’s Stanley Cup loss in Vancouver as a prime example of Canadian crowd mentality, then Cheney’s fear is justified. But hockey crowds in Canada are way more threatening than any political ones — and God knows there’s no danger of the Maple Leafs making it to the Stanley Cup.

On perhaps a more telling note, organizers wouldn't say how many tickets (priced up to $595 a pop) had been sold for Cheney's planned Toronto event. Just saying...

Photo Gallery DAILY TORO

TORO Gentlemen Prefer popped up at Neubacher Shor Contemporary to celebrate the launch of an exhibit by Martin Oulette and Edgar Ameti on Thursday night for a curated evening of art, food and drink. And the invite-only crowd enjoyed a feast for the senses. Photographer David Pike was their to capture these great moments.

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It was the Genie Awards last night! Yes, Canada's salute to our film and television industry, where the list of people who couldn't attend due to needing to work at their jobs — presumably in the industry and not waitering — was long.

That list even included prospective co-host Andrea Martin, who had to bow out the day before the event because she had to shoot a pilot. In any other industry that would sound terrorist-related, but in show business it's a nice thing! George Stroumboulopoulos handled the hosting duties alone, and didn't cry onstage or have any visible wardrobe malfunctions, so good on him for that.

I was at The Westin Harbor Castle where it all went down, helping provide fun during The Seventh Art's live coverage of the event, and let me tell you ... the lasagna they fed the people in the media room was pretty good. It was depressing being turned away from the party afterward, but the salty taste of my tears is a tangy and welcome flavour.

Monsieur Lazhar swept the awards, winning best picture and director among other trophies, and good for it. It's not about lasers though. It's about teachers, a far more Canadian subject. And warmest regards to Viggo Mortensen for attending the awards. His star power actually helped keep the electricity in the building running.


Guys, I know you love hot pics of beautiful women, and that's why I feel compelled to help publicize the fact that Elle Magazine has published some sexy shots of Jessica Simpson. A very, very pregant Jessica Simpson.

Please Jessica, just let me hang on to your Dukes Of Hazard era bland perfection. Subscribers get the best cover – a nude shot of Simpson calling to mind nothing but the Demi Moore issue of Vanity Fair that helped defined '90s magazine covers.

Much more creepy than the cover is the picture of her fiance/baby daddy Eric Johnson kissing her bare stomach. Ewwwwww. Portraits of pregnant couples combining sexiness and tenderness creep me out worse than the Todd Phillips documentary Frat House.


Conservative talk show host/anthropomorphic Macy’s Day Parade balloon Rush Limbaugh has earned even more backlash for his recent remarks toward University student Sandra Fluke. After calling Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” on his nationally syndicated radio show for her testimony in favour of Catholic Georgetown U paying for contraception in its health insurance plan, several advertisers pulled their support amidst a strong public outcry.

Now musician Peter Gabriel has joined them, demanding that Limbaugh stop playing the hit “Sledgehammer” on his show. Gabriel’s song was used as background music during Limbaugh’s rant. “No Self Control” might have been a more appropriate choice, in retrospect.

Limbaugh himself has offered several back-handed apologies, first saying he did not make “the right choice of words,” then adding “I acted too much like the leftists who despise me. I descended to their level, using names and exaggerations. It’s what we’ve come to expect from them, but it’s way beneath me.” That makes a whole tub of sense: when you make a mistake, it’s really the fault of your enemies for giving you so much inspiration. But a fair warning to anything beneath Rush Limbaugh: you will be crushed.


New York-born songwriter Robert B. Sherman has died at the age of 86, of undisclosed causes.

After completing service for World War II at only 19, and being among the first men to enter the Dachau Camp after its abandonment by German forces, Sherman started a songwriting partnership with his brother Richard, eventually hooking up with Disney films. They went on to write some of the most memorably irritating songs in the history of the studio, including the Oscar-winning “Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious,” “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” and “It’s a Small World,” a tune originally written for Disney’s exhibition at the 1964 World’s Fair.

Robert and Richard won 2 musical Oscars in total (both for Mary Poppins) with seven further nominations. Their last project was scoring The Tigger Movie in 2000.



As the world slowly heats up until it becomes a second sun, we have small consolations to hang onto – things like the hacked cell phones of the famous.

Admittedly, most people aren't dying to see what's on Richard Moll's cell phone, but yesterday's leaking of what are claimed to be Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks's personal photos - some of which were topless – proved that there is an interest in seeing the private lives of babes.

The ladies claim the sauciest of the pictures are fake but nobody wants this to be true, as it would ruin that sweet feeling of fully invading their privacy.

I personally am more excited by the Hendricks situation, because I am an adult who watches Mad Men and not a child-man who watches video game shows, but also because the alleged Munn photos are covered in titles that seem to be talking dirty to the man for whom the pictures were intended. This makes me feel less comfortable in my masculinity. Maybe( definitely) this makes me sound like a creep, but ladies, please don't bring up other dudes while I'm looking at pictures of you on the internet.


[html]Hey, John Carter is finally coming out this Friday after like 80 years of start-and-stop development. I’ve seen it. You’ll like it. 

Here’s a 10 minute clip for your previewing enjoyment, featuring space-jumping Carter’s nephew (Daryl Sabara) discovering his secrets, and his showdown with a surly Civil War colonel (Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.) Movie arrives this Friday, go see it.


[html]Grimes’ latest record Visions creates its own movie in your mind, mixing seduction, beauty and menace. Actual visuals might seem redundant but the artist (born Claire Boucher) has gone and done it anyway, thankfully playing it cool and simple for standout track “Oblivion.” The result is one of the better clips we’ve seen so far this year, a one-woman party at a sports arena that should make anyone want to jump up and dance:


Before the teen-friendly post-apocalyptic thriller The Hunger Games arrives March 23 on approximately ten bajillion screens across America, let Montreal art-rockers Arcade Fire warm you up. Their tune “Abraham’s Daughter” will appear on the soundtrack (officially called The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 and Beyond whatever that means) alongside a Neko Case tune and 14 pieces of inexplicable crap. Nothing says “brutal, fascist hellscape” like Maroon 5.

Listen to the tune and read frontman Win Butler’s pseudo-Biblical analysis of a book I’m pretty sure is intended for children via Entertainment Weekly. Apologies to adults who may have spent their time reading The Hunger Games but, uh, I'm pretty sure the complete works of James Joyce are still in print. Just saying.


[html] This week on the TORO Playlist, we have a good time with Poor Young Things, The Wooden Sky reveal an innovative live performance series, and Peter Peter works things out with his woman.

Poor Young Things - “Blame It On the Good Times” (From the Let It Sleep EP, out now)

The Wooden Sky - “Grace On a Hill pt. 1: Bald, Naked and Red” (Live) (Originally from Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun, out now)

CSLSX & I Break Horses - “Violent Sea” (Single) 

Peter Peter - “Porte-bonheur” (From Peter Peter, out now)

Anais Mitchell - “Wilderland” (edit) / Album Trailer (For Young Man in America, out now) 

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Dirty Ghosts - “Shout it In” (From Metal Moon, out now)

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In the Audience - “American Actress” (Single)


[html]Toronto quartet and TORO Garage Sessions alumni Bravestation has a brand new single out this week. It’s called “Signs of the Civilized” and represents a bold step forward for the young group, putting aside the rock influence of their earliest work for a kind of epic tropical-electro feel. I don’t know how to define “tropical-electro” exactly but this is what it sounds like:

Beautiful stuff. Full single cover art:



The New York Post is reporting that, after her initial denial, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is indeed pregnant.

What does this mean for you? It means that it is your duty as a moral person to report her to the police if you see her keeled over drunk over the next few months.

Apparently, MTV is worried the pregnancy will “wholesome up” her new reality show – and we all know how TV viewers feel about wholesome. Unless it's the popular CBC show Road To Avonlea, them MF'ers ain't having it!

TV viewers want to see vomiting, emotional outbursts, streaking and ... Wait a minute, as far as my understanding goes, those things DO occur during pregnancy, so Snooki might be on to something.