[html]When we spoke to him in 2010, Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos said of the band’s second album “I don’t have that sophomore-slump fear. I’m not scared. It’s going to be an awesome album. I’m going to love making it, and I hope everyone that loves our music loves it, and even people who didn’t like Manners (2009).”

Well, that album is called Gossamer (noun: “A fine, filmy cobweb seen on grass or bushes or floating in the air in calm weather, especially in autumn”) and will drop July 24. Check out the glorious first single “Take a Walk” below and then, I dunno, take a walk? It’d do you good.


[html]Two of the most forward-thinking acts in indie music have announced singles.

Eternally underrated and endlessly debated electro/rap/pop duo CocoRosie are returning to our ears two years removed from their brilliant Grey Oceans (2010). A new 7” single “We Are On Fire” b/w “Tearz for Animals” (feat. Antony Hegarty) will drop June 5. You can hear the A-side below.

The songs were recorded with TV On the Radio member Dave Sitek, described by CocoRosie as “Creative exorcism - musical kinship without boundary." Cool!

Meanwhile, Baltimore's Animal Collective will release the "Honeycomb / Gotham" 7" June 26. The A-side shows how much further the group can warp pop melody after the mind-blowing Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009) pretty much brought that idea to its logical conclusion. I haven't even begun to get my head around "Gotham." Good luck with that, readers.

Listen to both tracks here.


Just over eight years ago, The Drake Hotel opened its doors in Toronto’s west end.  Since then, the former flop house has placed itself at the cutting edge of ‘scene,’ continually spewing out the latest in food, music and art. For those outside Toronto, The Drake may be only a place to stay for but for the city’s aspiring urbanites, the ostensible auberge has become the place to go.

Now the clever peeps behind The Drake are flipping the urban ideal on its head and taking the Drake to Prince Edward County. That’s right, folks; the boutique is hitting the bumpkin.  

In early 2013, in the town of Wellington will sit the appropriately well-appointed Drake Devonshire. Boasting six stylish rooms, the country lodging will feature farm-to-table dining by Chef Chris Sanderson, a rough-luxe design palette with the usual Drake nod to rustic Canadiana and of course a full card of all things culture – from local musicians to performance art.

Lucky hipsters. Now, thanks to Jeff Stober, you can head to the country under the clever caul of irony. No need to admit the truth: You’re getting old.

Drake Devonshire Inn is located at 24 Wharf St. in Wellington, Prince Edward County.


Marvel’s surprisingly palatable superhero reunion show The Avengers had a better weekend than you did, even if your weekend included a $199 million lottery win.

The film has broken opening-weekend box office records with a $200 million 3-day haul, besting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ($169.2 million), The Dark Knight ($158.4 million) and John Carter ($0.000001 million). In Canada the film pulled in a cool $15.5 million, which may not sound like a lot, but we have like 8 movie theaters. Standing room only.

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Photo Gallery DAILY TORO

TORO Gentlemen Prefer popped up once again, this time with a Cinco de Mayo celebration at The Monarch Tavern. Our lucky guests sampled premium Milagro Tequila, cervezas from Dos Equis, Mombacho Cigars and tastes from The Monarch menu under the light of the Supermoon as photographer Arthur Mola snapped some candid and not-so-candid pics. It was a memorable night that included dancing and parting gifts from PKG. One lucky guest scored a Sonos 3 wifi speaker system. Ole!



Beastie Boys founding member Adam Yauch, known by his fans as MCA, passed away today at the age of 47, according to dubious news source TMZ.

Yauch was diagnosed with cancer of the parotid gland in the summer of 2009 and was given a good prognosis at the time. The Grammy-winning musician was scheduled to appear at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame last month but cancelled at the last minute without explanation.

Yauch is survived by his wife and daughter.



Today the late artist Keith Haring, who died of AIDS in 1990, would have celebrated his 54th birthday.

To honour the life of the luminous artist and social activist, Google has (in an act of good faith) ripped off his artistic dogma for the sake of its design.

Let me boil it down for you. The good news: The pop artist whose colorful sketches virtually defined the 80s is still remembered by this generation. (He’s trending on Twitter!)

The bad news: The poor gent has been reduced to current celebrity via “Google doodle.”

Happy birthday, Mr. Haring.


It’s been three years since the new Ossington draw, The Saint, was slated to open its doors on the contentious strip. But the swanky brasserie is finally here and the public feels, er, blessed to have the hard-fight entry.

Truth be told, The Saint would have been a more interesting haunt before spots like La Societe had a chance to pull pages from the book of New York’s Balthazar. Nevertheless, the west-end restaurant/bar, lined with Bohemian-style booths and buzzing with patrons who couldn’t be further from Bohemia, is quite simply a good time.

The Staff - outfitted with the a perfect balance of attitude and attractiveness - peddle bourbon to twenty-somethings who gleefully pretend to enjoy it, while trays from Andrew Bradfords’s kitchen (Jacobs and Co., Brassaii, Spoke Club) march through the space as if on a runway.

The menu says screw vegetarians; this is food for boozers. So don’t expect tempeh or kale on this card. Rather, to complement the long whisky-laden list of cocktails, ready yourself for steak tartar ($14), The Saint cheeseburger ($16), lobster and corned beef hash ($22), fried chicken and fries ($18) and a small variety of “steaks ’n’ chops."

The Saint is certainly less than fine dining, but is more than a restaurant. The Saint is a production. Go for the food, stay for the night.

The Saint, 227 Ossington Ave., 647-350-2100


Venerated songsmith Leonard Cohen has announced a string of North American concert dates, a run that will take him from the cold, lonely roads of Austin to the quiet, unforgiving streets of Brooklyn through the latter half of this year. The tour will stop in Canada six times at giant sports stadium venues for some reason.

I for one hope to hear a soundbite of Cohen proclaiming his love of The Wang Theater so fire up your bootlegs, Bostonites. Cohen's latest album Old Ideas is out now (read our review.)

October 31 - Austin (Bass Concert Hall)
November 3 - Denver (1st Bank Center)
                5 - Los Angeles (Nokia Theatre)
                7 - San Jose (HP Pavilion)
                9 - Seattle (Key Arena)
                11 - Portland (Rose Garden)
                12 - Vancouver (Rogers Arena)
                16 - Calgary (Scotiabank Saddledome)
                18 - Edmonton (Rexall Place)
                20 - Saskatoon (Credit Union Centre)
                23 - Chicago (Akoo Theatre)
                26 - Detroit (Fox Theatre)
                28 - Montreal (Bell Centre)
December 2 - Quebec City (Colisee Pepsi)
                4 - Toronto (Air Canada Centre)
                7 - Ottawa (Scotiabank Place)
                11 - London, ON (John Labatt Centre)
                13 - Kingston (K-Rock Centre)      
                15 - Boston (The Wang Theatre)
                18 - NYC (Madison Square Garden)
                20 - Brooklyn (Barclays Center)


Twilight vet and future Cosmopolis star Robert Pattinson has signed on to lead Mission: Blacklist, a feature film dramatization of the hunt for Saddam Hussein. Pattinson will play Eric Maddox (above right) the interrogator who politely asked informants about the deposed dictator's whereabouts while giving them back rubs until they complied and SPOILER ALERT Hussein was retrieved from his dirty hole in the ground.

The film will adapt Maddox’s book Mission: Blacklist #1, with direction from Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire (Johnny Mad Dog). Sound cool? We’ll leave that up to you. [via Hitflix]


[html]A film biography of porn icon / Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace will finally make it to the big screen after years of casting rumours and the aborted Inferno project, which would have starred Lindsay Lohan. In Hollywood, finding someone to play a character famed for putting penises in their mouth is apparently very difficult.

Lovelace, starring Lohan’s Mean Girls co-star Amanda Seyfried, will finally bring the controversial performer’s story to the big screen. The huge, swollen cast list also includes Peter Sarsgaard, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone, Chris Noth, Hank Azaria, Eric Roberts and James Franco as Hugh Hefner. Check out the poster below, which I really have no problems with whatsoever.



[html]Minneapolis’ Brother Ali hasn’t dropped a full album since Us (2009), but that changes with the release of Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color this August. The album arrives via Rhymesayers and was produced by Jake One (50 Cent, De La Soul, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa). It will be, true to the dude’s style, topical as fuck, specifically about “Finding a sense of unity amidst the chaos of the current American political system.” Check out a video for the album’s first single, the quick-fire “Not a Day Goes By,” below.


[html]Sweden’s Lykke Li released one of our favourite albums of last year. Since then she’s formed a new label, Ingrid, and gathered a compilation of like-minded artists for Record Store Day 2012. Ingrid - Volym 1 is available now at your favourite snobby, cramped indie music store and / or easily accessible, soulless online shipping emporium. It will feature the fresh cut “Come Near,” listenable below. [via Pretty Much Amazing]


[html]If you’ve been living UNDER A ROCK for the last few hours you may have missed the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Here it is:

The clip has already inspired deep analysis, the kind usually reserved for crime scenes or movies that people have seen because they’ve been released. Since we’re never ones to lag behind when it comes to jumping the gun (literally, we have guns in the office and we jump on them) the following is our own frame-by-frame breakdown. 


OPEN: Gotham City - Dusk. In the distance we can see a highway lit up by cars. Will Bane (Tom Hardy) have his own vehicle? Will it get stuck in traffic? Director Christopher Nolan has yet to comment.


Cut to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) looking annoyed at something off-camera. Could it have something to do with that scarf? It’s kind of a bland scarf, really, suggesting The Dark Knight Rises could show film audiences the fan-favourite BatScarf for the first time.


“There’s a storm coming ...” says Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) ominously. What could she mean? Storms are rarely used metaphorically in fiction. Rumours have been swirling that The Dark Knight Rises will touch on the character’s past as a weather reporter for Gotham’s Channel 12, and this seems to confirm it.


SPOILER ALERT: BANE ESCAPES FROM THE PLANE!! I figured the whole movie would take place on the plane, now I know better.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character is a “Gotham beat cop” but his role in the plot has yet to be revealed. Judging from this trailer it looks pretty important. Maybe he’s Commissioner Gordon’s (Gary Oldman) special agent in charge of looking at things off-camera.


AHHH! HOLY SHIT! Let’s just move on. 


Bruce Wayne undergoing some kind of torture, albeit the kind your 13-year-old cousin is apparently allowed to watch.


Bane carries a broken Batman mask, suggesting he wins the fight the end roll credits, but eh, probably not.


“Oive burrayed enuff membas of da Wayne family.” Michael Caine’s English accent needs some work.


The opening ticket rush.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in 2018. I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER.


Stop the presses! Jessica Simpson has finally given birth.

Mama Jessica's new born baby will be officially named Maxwell Drew Johnson, which technically gives the child three first names.

Perhaps the trio of titles is meant to account for how massive Ms. Simpson got during pregnancy. At any rate, now that the child is alive only one question remains unanswered for we official correspondents ….

Who the f**k names a baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson?


BY: Jason Parker Quinton

The theme for FAT Day 3 was BODY. This was interpreted literally, whimsically and politically.

Body Part Clothing print images of the human body on shirts, undergarments, and sleepwear, offering an ethereal view inside to nudity. The models, having shower-fresh wet hair, looked like men in women's t-shirts, sheepishly asking to sleep over. An unshaven dude in a t-shirt and shades captures that “stepping out onto the terrace for the first smoke of what will prove to be a painful Saturday” look that many an emaciated hipster attempt but fail to achieve. Note, it is very hard to put a tall thin man in a nightgown and not have him resemble Ebenezer Scrooge.

Zent’s menswear was an adventurous set that flipped summery staples via knit strips, shine, mats of simulated yak-like chest hair, and one Cookie Monster blue fur midriff. There were red gingham picnic pants, woven tank tops, a plethora of fashion verboten flip flops, and shorts so short grandpa would wear them paired with shirts so radical he would pretend he didn’t know you.

Worth by David C Wigley’s gnarly triumph is encapsulated in his first look: a Batman caped poncho with metal studded epaulets. In five years, the snowboard world will be co-opting this look, so shred vigilantes should get it while it’s fresh. This collection also included three instances of apparent sweatpanting (despite the BODY theme this is a trouser term, not a sex term), one well tailored, and another with a drop crotch, and perhaps the comfiest pair of tuxedo pants ever made. Definitive proof that you can wear your sweats out at night, as long as they're made by an expert couturier to help you stay fly, and yes, you can pair them with a cape for extra flyness.

The menswear pushed the idea that although one is allowed to be comfortable in summer nights at the cabin or cabana, cozy and breezy can be sharp. Because, some dudes need that level of chic at the beach. For the up all night, leisurely, day walking vacation vampires that want to spend their days lizarding in the sun, there are designers paddling upstream to make summer righteous and endless.

The remainder of the women’s wear ranged from Briar Rose’s collection of Pocahontas burlesque lingere that evoked a stagecoach of a wild-west brothel losing a wheel in an all female Navajo village, taking peyote, and playing dress-up forever – to the House of Etiquette’s wet nightmares that stomped down the runway where the rubber meets the rad.

They were the boys and girls your mother would have warned you about, if she wanted you to know - that she knew - that they existed.


FATToroMagazine.jpgRunway Fashion can alienate audiences to mutter “who would wear that?” The trick is to revel in the spectacle by pocketing the fact that exhibited looks are attempts to predict the styles of the future. Such was the closing night of FAT, with the theme of “FUTURE:” Some future shock, schlock, and visions of both a dystopic future and a brighter one. Space Corsets, fake blood, and “Barbarellurlesque” vixens included.

Wallace Playford threw a mock beauty pageant, crowning Miss Galaxy 3062, presenting a world where alien and human interbreeding is commonplace. Life-forms in Jetson’s dresses, shot toy lasers at the dogpile of photographers plopped at the end of the runway. Go-go ex-pat Earthlings, in a funked up anachronistic vision of interstellar beauty.

Pippa Latex airlifted us to a summit of latex and mountaineering, to après for a slow death by altitude and heartbreak. It was an alpine party-girl moon rave, from Space Camp to “Bass Camp.”

Haphazard’s work represented the niche of intergalactic debutantes, returned to collect fallen space junk, but allergic to our air. It proved one thing: an audience will applaud wildly for weird clothes, but when a model vomits blood/oil, they will get quiet again.

Pedram Karimi’s work had elements of the space council from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, as well as the futurecop uniforms and high society robes from Demolition Man. But, also some fluffy conservative Barbara Bush type elements, for men. Then big rapper pullovers paired with the cloaks of fantasy assassins.  

Von Bardonitz women’s wear bangs for a few reasons: the stark, sheer, modernity of the gear was accented by giant papal hats, a gnome toque, and melding wool and leather to edge up the snuggie you wear in the club. It’s portal to the dark future ended with a high priestess of the triple reformed Catholic Church of the Future: “we don’t molest children, we ingest them.”

One of the easiest criticisms to level at the fashion is that it promotes an unrealistic body ideal. Titular irony noted, FAT presented a range of female shapes. Here’s the curious part, when the audience sees a large model hit the runway, they burst into applause, which well intentioned as it may be, is patronizing.  

With the exceptions of alpine vixens, African savannah swimwear, and a bordello orbiting Jupiter, most of the clothing of the future bodes for bleak, foreboding, and tough. As if created in a world with a crumbling economic system, teetering on the brink of a nuclear pissing contest, in which handheld technology constantly reforms the way we think, act, and communicate. The dystopia might be here already.

Models will always scowl and black will rule the city, times are weird and summer is upon us, at times the future might be bleak, but bleak is the new black.



How could life possibly suck when people refer to you as the Great One? You could have a virile young daughter who can't help but share her sexiness via social media.

Remember how Wayne Gretzky asked his aspiring pop star daughter Paulina to cease and desist tweeting provocative pics? Well, that was last year. She's back! This time around, posing spreadeagle in bikini and cropped denims while partying on vacay with her pals.

When you want to be a pop star, no publicity is bad publicity, right? And in the new Hollywood, notoriety trumps talent. Why we think Paulina has the makings to be the next Kim Kardashian!

Wonder if Wayne blames himself ... just a little. 'Cause after all, the apple don't fall too far from the tree.

Remember these?


Photo Gallery DAILY TORO

Comic book and super hero film fans converged at Toronto's Scotiabank Theatre for the red carpet premiere of Marvel's The Avengers. Actors Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) and Cobie Smulders (agent Maria Hill) were on hand for media interviews and autograph signings. Toronto's comic book superfan and Juno-winning musician LIGHTS couldn't resist stopping by and showing us her superhero tattoo. Check out more photos of the event.


The White House became “The Laugh House” over the weekend, thanks to the annual White House Correspondent's Association Dinner.

Jimmy Kimmel – looking like a younger, more tired, less snippy, less supportive of Hugo Chavez Alec Baldwin – was the official comedian of the show, leaning on targets like Mitt Romney and ginger-haired attendee Lindsay Lohan. I really wish Kimmel had just told Rick Santorum jokes, but I guess the other meaning of Santorum was a little gross for the cummerbund-and-bowtie vibe of the evening.

I think Jimmy Kimmel was definitely a good choice, but if I had booked this, Andrew Dice Clay or respected 'fartist' Mr. Methane would have been onstage roasting Obama simultaneously. This would prompt my deportation. President Obama's set was the focus of the night. It's at times of levity that the public is reminded of how smooth and gol-durn FUN he is. There were jabs at Donald Trump and Romney, there was a little self-deprecation, but the main thing was his the weird face he made when shouting out Young Jeezy. It was actually pretty creepy. Pause and marvel at 0:06 of this video:


[html]Judd Apatow hasn’t directed a movie in three years, but it’s not like he was missed. His comedic trademarks – endless profanity, in-your-face female characters, people talking about their genitals openly and casually ‘cause it’s what MODERN ADULTS do, right? – has been overdone by every single mainstream comedy, whether made with the official Apatow Seal of Involvement or not.

This is 40 brings back everyone’s fourth and fifth favourite Knocked Up characters, parents Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann), as they ease into middle age. Oh, what bodily-fluid-slash-heartfelt-emotion-related hijinks will they get into? Here’s a preview:

This is 40, also starring Albert Brooks, Megan Fox, Jason Segal, Lena Dunham and the entire casts of Bridesmaids and Freaks and Geeks in cameo roles (probably) shuffles into theaters December 21.