Last night New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur scored his third career goal — without even trying.

The event came less than four-minutes into the Devils-Hurricanes match. Carolina was on a power play and had pulled goalie Dan ellis for an extra attacker. Patrick Dwyer was approaching the New Jersey net when Brodeur tipped the puck into the corner. Jordan Staal, attempting to pass the puck back to a teammate, then cleared the puck into his own net.

Then everyone in the Hurricanes arena punched themselves in the balls.

Brodeur was as surprised as everyone else in the building. "When the puck went in the net, I was like, ‘Woah, what happened there?'" he said.

The Devils went on to win the game 4-1.

For the record, a goalie-goal has only happened 13 times in the NHL's history.

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This weekend on Toronto’s burgeoning strip of West Dundas West a unique pop up shop is open where patrons are invited to, uuhhh, not shop.

This is Not a Shop (1247 Dundas West) is the transient storefront of Internet retail hub Everlane that celebrated its Canadian launch last night. The San Francisco based company prides itself on selling the basics – from cotton tees to cashmere sweaters to canvas totes - at optimal quality with minimal cost.

With fine fabrics and clean designs that could pass for James Perse signatures in a heartbeat, it is a wonder how the cost remains so low ($25 for a high quality tee). 

But former venture capitalist and founder of Everlane Michael Preysman says that it’s pretty simple: “The traditional retail model is archaic … having to sell in a place like Barney’s is exorbitant so we’ve decided to rely on ourselves to carry our brand … we do that through our website which is intelligent and economist-like in its language and design.”

As for the collection, it is definitely impressive to the eye and to the touch but these things are difficult to perceive through a computer monitor, even if you are a Mac user. Still, these inherent problems seem not to fuss Preysman who thinks pop-ups like the one this weekend will work to spread the word organically.

Everlane is not in a rush. The small company fancies itself a design shop as opposed to a fashion house. They aren’t interested in pandering to trends and choose to sell standards that aren’t going to ebb with the fickle flow of the fashion world. Preysman bases this philosophy on his grandmother’s saying, “I’m too poor to buy cheap things.”

Whether or not the public trusts Preysman as much as he would his grandmother remains to be seen. Aaah the perils of the internet …


We at Daily TORO are big fans of Nardwuar the Human Serviette. His interviews with musicians — particularly with Hip Hop artists — are textbook demonstrations of how to blow minds. The interview below is no exception.

Witness Nardwuar's encounter with Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era Crew at SXSW. Vancouver's favourite journalist talks to the boys about loving "The Thong Song," their giant cocks, and every piece of MF Doom merchandise ever made.

So until next time, keep on rocking in the free world and doot doo da loo doo...Doo! Doo!

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According to the Washington Post, legendary Toronto chef Susur Lee is no longer involved with Washington D.C. restaurant Zentan.

Forty-two-year-old chef Jennifer Nguyen, previously of Las Vegas's Bouchon and Philadelphia's Morimoto, will replace Lee.

Zentan opened in the Donovan House Hotel in 2009 with Lee at the helm. However, when Kimpton took over last April, the company felt a change should be made.

"It's not a broken concept," says Kimpton D.C.'s director of development Danny Bortnick. But "for me, a restaurant should always be an evolution."

Despite Lee's international acclaim, and his second-place performance on Top Chef Masters, the States have not been kind to the Toronto chef. In 2010, Lee closed his Shang restaurant in New York City, blaming the institution's failure on New Yorkers' boring palates.

Lee still owns Toronto's Lee and Singapore's Club Chinois.

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According to a college newspaper called the New York Times, Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show.

The change-up will take place Fall 2014 at the latest. The Tonight Show will also move back to New York City, the home of its orginal incarnation as hosted by Steve Allen.

To us, Fallon replacing Leno is like Kim Jong-un replacing Kim Jong-il, or a farmer moving one pile of manure onto a bigger pile of manure.

Fallon is like a stoned high school kid who just got away with fucking in his dad's Ferrari, while Leno is like a class clown that panders to children just discovering the word "labia."

In short: Any drunk bonobo with Tourettes could do a better job of hosting The Tonight Show than Leno, and it seems NBC has found their bonobo.

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The Weeknd, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Tegan and Sara were some of the big winners from last night's Canadian Radio Music Awards at the Kool Haus in Toronto.

You can check out the complete list of winners below.

Taking place during Canadian Music Week, the CRMAs celebrate the best in Canadian and international radio music artists.

The CMW festival takes place every March in Toronto, showcasing live music, comedy, and film, as well as hosting conferences and trade shows.

Check in Daily for all of TORO's CMW coverage.

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Former TORO coverboy Ryan Gosling and his steely eyes are back in the trailer for Derek Cianfrance's new film, The Place Beyond the Pines. You can watch the preview below.

Gosling plays motorcycle stunt driver, who after discovering he has a newborn son, starts robbing banks to support his family. The film also stars Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, and Ray Liotta.

The Place Beyond the Pines's plot, tone, and characters seems like those of Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive, also starring Gosling. Perhaps the Canadian actor is fashioning himself as the art-house version of Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name? He's a long way from Sean on Breaker High, that's for sure.

Anyway, the filmed premiered at TIFF 12 to great acclaim, so we have high hopes. 

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Got your bracket in? Today’s the day when everyone is suddenly a fan of college hoops.

Sixty-four teams begin their quest for the NCAA championship as the first-round begins in earnest. At this moment, there are thousands scrambling to fill in their brackets.

Even U.S. President Barack Obama managed to get his picks in for ESPN while on a diplomatic mission to Israel. If you’re curious, he’s calling for Indiana to take it all. He has the Hoosiers beating Louisville in the final. His Final Four also includes Ohio State and Florida.

It could be anybody’s tournament this year, the pundits are all over the map with their picks for a final champ. But the names favoured to be in the Final Four are definitely familiar.

In the Midwest, Louisville is top seed ahead of Duke (2) , Michigan St. (3) and Saint Louis (4). Over in the West, former underdog Gonzaga has ascended to the head of the class with the No. 1 seed, ahead of Ohio St. (2) , New Mexico (3) and Kansas State (4).

In a somewhat controversial decision, Kansas gets top billing in the South ahead of Georgetown, while Florida (3) and Michigan (4) round out the top 4. In the East, Obama's pick Indiana is No. 1, followed by Miami (2), Marquette (3) and Syracuse (4).

We're going old school with our Final Four, calling Louisville, Georgetown, Indiana and Ohio State. And just to be different from POTUS, we'll call for a Louisville championship.

Will any of the tops seeds fall in first round action this year? Not likely. Some of the others just might fall, though ... they don’t call it Madness for nothing.

Have a look at Obama's picks [click image for full size] and the first-round schedule...




(watch online, check local listings: TSN and TSN2 are carrying games in Canada)


Valparaiso vs. Michigan State in Auburn Hills, Mich., 12:15 (CBS)

Bucknell vs. Butler in Lexington, Ky., 12:40

Wichita State vs. Pittsburgh in Salt Lake City, 1:40

New Mexico State vs. Saint Louis in San Jose, 2:10

Memphis vs. Saint Mary’s/Middle Tennessee in Auburn Hills, Mich., 2:45 (CBS)

Davidson vs. Marquette in Lexington, Ky., 3:10

Southern vs. Gonzaga in Salt Lake City, 4:10

Oregon vs. Oklahoma State in San Jose, 4:40

North Carolina A&T/Liberty vs. Louisville in Lexington, Ky., 6:50

South Dakota State vs. Michigan in Auburn Hills, Mich., 7:15

Belmont vs. Arizona in Salt Lake City, 7:20

California vs. UNLV in San Jose, 7:27

Missouri vs. Colorado State in Lexington, Ky., 9:20

Akron vs. Virginia Commonwealth in Auburn Hills, Mich., 9:45 (CBS)

Harvard vs. New Mexico in Salt Lake City, 9:50

Montana vs. Syracuse in San Jose, 9:57


Albany vs. Duke in Philadelphia, 12:15 (CBS)

Mississippi vs. Wisconsin in Kansas City, Mo., 12:40

Temple vs. North Carolina State in Dayton, Ohio, 1:40

Pacific vs. Miami in Austin, 2:10

Cincinnati vs. Creighton in Philadelphia, 2:45 (CBS)

Boise State/La Salle vs. Kansas State in Kansas City, Mo., 3:10

LIU-Brooklyn/James Madison vs Indiana in Dayton, Ohio, 4:10

Colorado vs. Illinois in Austin, 4:40

Florida Gulf Coast vs. Georgetown in Philadelphia, 6:50

Iona vs. Ohio State in Dayton, Ohio, 7:15 (CBS)

Villanova vs. North Carolina in Kansas City, Mo., 7:20

Northwestern State vs. Florida in Austin, 7:27

Oklahoma vs. San Diego State in Philadelphia, 9:20

Iowa State vs. Notre Dame in Dayton, Ohio, 9:45 (CBS)

Western Kentucky vs. Kansas in Kansas City, Mo., 9:50

Minnesota vs. UCLA in Austin, 9:57


According to something called the Daily Chilli, a Taiwanese woman has divorced her husband for having a tiny penis.

The woman, known only as Zhang, claimed that in the four years she and husband Zhou had been married, they never once had sex. "His penis is small, like a kid's, only five centimetres long," she said.

Zhang had wanted to engage in premarital sex before they married, but Zhou abstained on religious principles.

Zhou rejected the claim that he is impotent, and instead suggested the relationship's lack of sex was a timing issue.

"I prefer to have sex in the morning but she wanted it around midnight," he said. "By then I would be very tired."

If only Zhou had read World's Greatest Lover.

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Last night, LeBron James murdered the Boston Celtics' Jason Terry, thus establishing himself as America's most dangerous homicidal maniac since the Joker in Batman.

You can watch the holocaust below.

It's a devastating sight, really — like witnessing Chernobyl, or watching Rob Ford eat.

After ten years of watching him dunk, haven't players realized that trying to block a stampeding LeBron can only end in humiliation and failure?

James's Miami Heat, by the way, went on to defeat the Celtics 105-103, clinching their 23rd straight victory. With 16 games left in the regular season, Miami has a good chance of catching the 1971-1972 Los Angeles Lakers' 33-game winning streak record.

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In a blow to health fanatics, wandering eyes, and every woman in the Greater Vancouver area, Lululemon has recalled its yoga pants for being see-through.

Pants were taken off shelves this weekend causing what the Canadian company calls a "worldwide shortage." Also, something is happening in Sudan but nobody really cares about that.

"We have determined that certain shipments of product received from our not meet our technical specifications," Lululemon said in a statement.

The company hasn't figured out what is causing the "sheerness." Racists are blaming shoddy overseas craftsmanship. Fashion pundits are blaming a general decline in Lululemon standards. And people who are actually in shape are blaming women who buy too-tight pants in an effort to make their asses look good.

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Playa Cabana, a leader in Toronto's ongoing taco renaissance, will soon be calling Avenue Road home.

Scheduled to open sometime in the next two months, Playa Cabana Hacienda promises to continue the company's theme of authentic Mexican fare made with the freshest local ingredients.

"Playa Cabana has been such a hit and we couldn't miss the chance to set up at Avenue and Dupont," director of operations Matthew King tells us.

And while Hacienda will be located in the more tony Rosedale neighbourhood, King says the restaurant will stay true to its casual, west end roots.

"It will be very relaxed, like the other locations" says King. "We're moving into the Rosedale market, and there's really nothing like us there."

In terms of design, expect a rustic, ranch-like feeling punctuated by antique objects.

"You won't know it's a Mexican restaurant until you look at the menu," says King.

Parting from the other Playa Cabana locations, Hacienda will feature smoked meats that chef and owner Dave Sidhu will cook on Hacienda's patio.

King doesn't worry about overextending the Playa Cabana brand, even though Playa Cabana Cantina only opened in the Junction three months ago.

"People have been asking us to open in their neighbourhoods," King says. "It's absolutely the right time to expand."

But are there too many trendy taco joints in Toronto?

"There's lots of Mexican places in the city, and we respect them, but we don't view any of them as competition," King tells us. "Grand Electric, for instance, primarily focuses on Bourbon which isn't even Mexican. We serve Tequila. Playa Cabana has a completely different focus than other Mexican restaurants.

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Clue: "This switcheroo, should it happen, would be the greatest tragedy in game show history."

Question: "What is the replacing of Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek with Matt Lauer?"

That's right, according some high school newspaper known as the New York Post, Today Show host Matt Lauer is NBC's favoured candidate to replace Trebek in 2016.

Trebek, a TV legend and Sudbury native, suffered his second heart attack this summer and decided it was time to slow things down.

Let's be clear: we have nothing against Lauer. He's a decent journalist and we made out once, but he's no Trebek.

Just as The Price Is Right mutated for the worse when Drew Carrey replaced Bob Barker, Jeopardy! will surely lose its charm (evidence below) with the departure of Trebek.

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Our friends at Total Film recently asked a bunch of Hollywood celebrities what they thought of the new Star Wars movie and whether they'd like to be in them.

Mila Kunis, Ewan MacGregor, Joss Whedon — they all shared their thoughts.

Interestingly, Jason Statham said that he doesn't much care for "silly" science fiction films. But bloated, nostalga-driven, bilking machines starring geriatric action stars are OK.

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Just when you think there is no justice in the world, a human statue comes to life and punches an idiot in the face.

Some toad on Cavill Avenue in Surfer's Paradise, Australia wouldn't stop molesting a street performer and soon got what he deserved.

Almost as awesome as the punch is what seems to be the camera person's unheard plea of, "Hey, leave heem alowne, meen!"

The idiot should have listened.

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CBC announced today that it will be hosting its first ever music festival on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at Toronto's Echo Beach, featuring Iceland’s alt-folk group Of Monsters and Men, Ghanaian-Canadian Kae Sun, Indy-pop favourites Sloan and Montreal’s Half-Moon Run.

Despite Jian Ghomehsi’s ego, Thornhill breakout band Moxy Früvous will not reunite for a performance on the CBC stage but of course Mr. 1982 (as well as other "suprise" CBC hosts!) will appear. Sigh.

Full lineup below:

Sam Roberts Band  

Of Monsters and Men

Kathleen Edwards


Corb Lund (and the Hurtin’ Albertans)   

Jarvis Church  

Half Moon Run


Aidan Knight

Shakura S’Aida  

Kae Sun 


According to BlogTO, Toronto's Kensington Brewing Company will finally have a permanent home in the market that inspired its name.

KBCo will move into 299 Augusta (formerly occupied by the Electric Theatre) as part of a development that also includes new apartments and office space.

"This is a brewery with a bar, not a brewpub," owner Brock Shepherd told BlogTO. "We will have some food and it will be made specifically for us from merchants right here in the market, but it's not going to be a restaurant."

Brewing at the new location will be overseen by David Lee, formerly of Mill Street.

Flagship brands and new creations will be available in cans, bottles, and on tap. And Shepherd wants to offer extended retail hours.

Shepherd hopes to open KBCo this fall.

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Listen below to Major Lazer's new song "Jessica," featuring Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig.

The new electro-Reggae track premiered this weekend on BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac, wherein the host described it as "sooo good."

We agree.

After recently tearing up Toronto's Sound Academy, Major Lazer will play Austin's SXSW March 14, and Vancouver's Venue Nightclub March 25.

Major Lazer's new album, Free the Universe, comes out April 15 via Secretly Canadian. Vampire Weekend's new album, Modern Vampires of the City, comes out May 7 via XL Recordings.

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About a month ago, TORO announced that Steven Salm and chef Michael Steh would be opening The Chase and The Chase Fish and Oyster this summer in Toronto. 

We now know that both restaurants will open at Yonge and Temperance in the newly restored Dineen Building.

"I could not be happier with the location that we selected to bring our exciting concepts to life," said Salm in a statement. "I’m so excited to incorporate elements of Toronto’s history in The Chase and The Chase Fish and Oyster."

A private elevator will take customers to The Chase's fifth floor home, which will also boast a rooftop terrace.

Proprietor Salm comes to The Chase after experience at the BLT franchise, while executive chef Steh is known for his work at Reds Wine Tavern and Canoe.

"The starting point for any dish is our total commitment to quality in all of its forms, from how we source ingredients to our recipes and, finally, to the way it’s prepared," says Steh. "Our Seafood program, bar none, is the best you can get in Toronto."

Stay tuned for more details.

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Ever since Yours Truly opened just over a year ago, there's been a consensus among food-types: Chef Jeff Claudio's menu is damn good. Delicious, affordable, hyper-local, technically accomplished, and multicultural in inspiration, it's the perfect Toronto restaurant.

Raised in Ladner, BC, Claudio worked at restaurants like Sydney's Rockpool and Copenhagen's Noma before landing his executive chef gig on Toronto's Ossington strip.

TORO recently spoke with Claudio as he prepped his tasting menu for the Visa Infinite Dining Series. We asked him about improving as a chef, post-apocalyptic Chinese food, and whether he'd like to "Cook It Raw."

Does the experience of eating local produce from different parts of the world make you reevaluate food’s possibilities?

Anywhere I go, I find the best food has a connection with family. Every country has original produce and dishes — I tend to remember them years later. They help inspire me.

So, Mom’s food is just as important as fine dining.

For sure, a lot of the food the great chefs make stems from their childhood.

When you reach a high level of acclaim, as you have, how do you know if you’re getting better?

It’s funny that you say that, because I’m my toughest critic. I never feel like my food’s good enough. What I can do is identify what’s simple and clear, and for me, that’s "getting better" and more intelligent as a cook.

And you want to hear your customers tell you that the food’s tasty.

That helps you keep going. But ultimately, you feel better about yourself the day you make the perfect crepe or scrambled egg. It’s technical and mental.

Do you want to forage more?

I don’t really do it a whole lot. If I did, I’d poison myself. When I’m out walking, I might pick a patch of something. Yours Truly has a couple of foragers we work with — they’re the experts. I just love the idea of using wild things, rather than something grown in a greenhouse.

A quick hypothetical: All of Toronto’s Chinatowns blow up tomorrow. What do you do?

Start saving up rice, eggs, and lap cheong sausage and make fried rice and congee at home.

Lots of high-end chefs think that the new midrange scene is watering down the talent pool at fine dining institutions. What do you think?

I would love to have a fine dining place with lots of money behind it, but — I don’t know anybody with lots of money. I would never want to "water down" anything. I have huge respect for establishments like that. My only option is to cook in an environment like Yours Truly. And I feel like people want to eat in loud, noisy, and energetic places. It’s a worldwide trend. Look at Noma: there’s no table cloth; the cooks run the experience.

Speaking of Noma, your former employer René Redzepi will be speaking at Toronto's Terroir 7 symposium. What would you tell him if he was around?

"Quit working so hard, Chef." I don’t know how he does it. People are eating ants and grasshoppers because of him. I’d love to pick his brain about food the MAD Symposium and Cook It Raw. He’s in a group of chefs that speak to what they believe in. There are very few restaurants in the world with one chef that really voices an opinion about food.

Would you ever like to participate in Cook It Raw?

Absolutely, it would be crazy to do something like that. But I feel like those guys work on another level. I have a lot to learn still.

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All photographs by Marc Polidoro