Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you are an adult, and it's time for you to start acting like one. That means you are going to have to change how you do things ― in particular, these 20 things...

1. Making Your Parents Do Your Taxes

Thank God tax season is over, right? It was really stressful sending your T1's or W2's to your dad so he could do the real work. Next year, you need to buy your own copy of Turbo Tax and complete your taxes yourself. The process is way easier than you think, and you will probably learn more about your finances, which is always good.

2. Submitting to Peer Pressure

On the playground, if you didn’t do what your classmates told you to, you would get mud in your hair or a bruise on your shin. Today, if you don’t submit to peer pressure … pretty much nothing happens. In fact, you’ll probably be better off.

3. Interrupting People

It isn’t a conversation if you are the only one talking. If you let those around you speak once in a while, you would probably have more friends.

4. Holding Grudges for Anything

So your sister said your haircut doesn’t look good. So your neighbour lets his dog poop on your front lawn. By now, you should know that the best way to resolve conflict is by talking, not by sulking by yourself for all of eternity.

5. Refusing to Wear a Belt (or Suspenders)

Your pants shouldn’t sag. Whether you are in a tuxedo, business slacks, or jeans, no one should ever catch a glimpse of your underwear or worse, you're butt crack.

6. Taking Your Dirty Laundry Home

You shouldn’t be proud of your inability to use a washing machine. Because you have chosen to live on your own, you have chosen to accept certain responsibilities, including feeding yourself, paying for cable, and washing your own clothes. Your mom shouldn’t have to see any more of your dirty underwear as long as she lives.

7. Wasting Money on Things You Hate

Maybe you can’t stand going to the theatre to see movies. Maybe you are sick of the taste of tobacco. Maybe your bookshelf is full of unread novels. It’s time to admit to yourself what you like and don’t like so you can quit wasting your hard-earned money. Wait until the movie is out on streaming services or on Blu-Ray, invest in e-cigarettes, and buy a book when you are absolutely sure you’re going to go home and crack it open.

8. Caring What Other People Think

As any presidential candidate knows too well, it is impossible to please everyone. By now, the opinions of strangers shouldn’t concern you one bit. Though you can (and should) take advice from friends and loved ones, you don’t have to live your life by their beliefs.

9. Forgetting to Hydrate

You can still drink copious amounts of alcohol in your 20's, but you can’t recover as quickly unless you temper your booze with water or healthful drinks. Having a hangover is not cool.

10. Being Late for Anything

Being “fashionably late” isn’t a thing, and there are no worthwhile excuses to make up for your tardiness. As an adult, you should have the ability to plan ahead for potential obstacles, allowing you to arrive to work, dinners, parties, and everything else right on time.

11. Believing in the Power of Talent

In elementary school, talent is everything. In adult life, talent is nothing when it isn’t paired with hard work. Other people won’t go out of their way to notice your special skills; you have to show them.

12. Thinking You Are Weird

You don’t get to see what goes on in other people’s heads, so it is easy to feel alienated and strange. However, by now, you should have learned that insecurity is a part of life, and everyone experiences doubts and fears. You aren’t alone.

13. Eating Sugary Breakfasts

Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs might bring you unending joy, but by now, you should know that cereal isn’t a good breakfast. You can indulge in a sugary snack every once in a while, but most mornings should start with whole foods.

14. Wearing Brand Names

Look down at your shirt. If it says “Abercrombie” or “Hollister” or “American Eagle,” it is time to purge your closet and update your wardrobe.

15. Not Exercising

Only a severe health issue should preclude you from working up a sweat on a regular basis, and even people suffering from heart murmurs and broken bones usually find some way to stay active. Once you start, it is much easier to keep going.

16. Using Your Friends

If you only call that guy because he has a truck and you are moving apartments, is he really your friend? You should appreciate your friends rather than taking advantage of their skills and possessions.

17. Avoiding Your Crush

It’s unfortunate that crushing is still a thing in your 20's, but luckily your maturity has armed you with the tools to transform a crush into a real relationship. Instead of fearing your crush, you should seek him or her out and start a conversation.

18. Breaking the Rules

With the exception of Johnny Depp (who is the only successful bad-boy-for-life) non-teenage rebels are repugnant. Society depends on rules, and you now depend on society.

19. Following the Rules

Still, believing that all rules are iron clad is equally immature. You should be able to understand the difference between an unbreakable rule (like “no murder”) and one with some wiggle room (like “no U-turns”).

20. Putting Off Your Dreams

Time is running out, my friend. In college, you could justifiably delay chasing your dreams; after all, most dreams require higher education. However, you probably didn’t notice the years passing after graduation. Soon, you’ll be 30, then 40, then 50, and with each decade, your dreams will be harder to achieve.



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