SUNDAY JULY 23, 2017

Taking the name of the city, it consumed, the Fort McMurray wildfire continues to blaze across Midwestern Canada. Already having burned over half a million hectares, the fire is the worse in Canadian history.

Just two days following the start of the fire, the city of Fort McMurray was in danger. When the fire passed about 15% of the town was destroyed with approximately 2,400 buildings damaged. Additionally, the oil sands production was halted in many locations resulting in a shutdown of 25% of Canada’s oil production. The entire town of Fort McMurray was evacuated save for workers at the water treatment plant who were needed to supply water to the fire fighting efforts.  

In the beginning, several nations including the U.S., Russia, Israel, Mexico and Taiwan, offered assistance to Canada to help stop the fire’s spread. However, Prime Minister Trudeau turned down the help citing the fire fighting teams from all over Canada were called in.  However, as the fire wore on, fire fighters from the U.S. were sent North as well as a group from South Africa. Additionally, Trudeau announced that all donations made to the Canadian Red Cross on behalf of the wildfire would be matched by the government.

Other fundraising campaigns have been launched including one by For the entire month of June, a donation of $1 will be made for every new player that registers and deposits money into their casino account. With ten possible casinos, new players have a choice as to which casino they wish to play.

As of this writing, about 70% of the fire has been contained. However, the suffering for many will continue given the widespread path of the fire. As time goes on, more and more people and companies are uniting forces to raise funds for the many Canadians who remain in need. 

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