In today’s world, you have an advantage over the man caves of yesteryear where martini bars and small black-and-white televisions were all the rage. You’ve got technology, and with it the possibilities for your perfect man cave are infinite. Not only can you buy novelties to your heart’s content and have them delivered to your door, you’ve got options that include massive 4K TVs and exceptional speakers designed to immerse you in digital content.

Isn’t it time you embraced the future, and designed a space that includes a mini-fridge with biometric doors (you know, so no one can take your last beer, and also because it’s cool)?

Sports, Video Games, and High-Definition Movies

A proper man cave TV should be at least 50-inches. Hands-down this is the most important component of a man cave because what’s more man-cavey than an huge TV on which to watch sports, play video games, and view high-definition movies? You can’t invite the guys over and not have a television. That would be cruel, and it breaks some unspoken man cave code.

That being said, your TV has to be fully equipped with surround sound and a cable sports package. NFL Sunday Ticket is a nice touch. Click for more information on this and other DIRECT TV programming. Even if you don’t watch sports, you’ll want a cable package for viewing high-definition films and shows. Grab a gaming console to, so when sports aren’t on television, you can play them with your friends.

Don’t Slack on Comfort

A comfortable recliner or ergonomic chair is essential for you, but you also need some seating for your pals. A couch is a nice touch, as is a row of movie theater seating. If you’re short on money, check out local thrift stores and garage sales for deals on second-hand furniture.

Gaming in the Man Cave

You need at least one gaming console, but the more the merrier. You’ll want to invest in an extra controller or two, so everyone can play when they come over. You may also want to include some non-console gaming, such as darts, pool, table football, or air hockey.

Really want to impress the guys? Add some classic and old school arcade games. It’s not easy to find the best in arcade gaming, but if you’ve got money, make the investment and plan on your friends never wanting to leave… Or, you could build one yourself.

Are you and your buddies drinkers? If so, there’s always room for drinking games. There’s shots chess and the drinking version of Jenga. A deck of cards can also be used to gamble, play rummy, and play a number of hilarious drinking games.

The Little Extras are Extra Impressive

Here’s where you’re going to have to get creative. Think about what makes you special. Do you have a love of classic cars? Were you a soldier? Do you collect Star Wars figurines? Use these aspects of your lifestyle to inspire your décor.

If you don’t already have a collection to display, or you want to decorate in posters or funny signs, you’ll find lots of stuff online. That’s what Google is for, and luckily there’s a ton of items designed for man caves, such as a rugs and unusual mini-fridges, such as themed ones and ones with biometric doors.

For extra fun, illuminate the space with regular lights and party lights. Look for neon signs and unusual lamps. A black light is always fun. Just remember to include regular lighting as well because no one wants to be plunged in ridiculous lighting all the time.

The perfect man cave is fun and functional. It should speak to who you are as a person, as well as feature the best technology has to offer. It’s the perfect place to enjoy life, so pick décor that pleases you. After all, it’s your man cave. 

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