This week, Lance Armstrong will officially confess to using performance-enhancing drugs to earn his seven Tour de France titles ... to Oprah.

Cheating with steroids is not only morally wrong, but foolish, since it allows for retroactive detection and removal of titles at any point. If you’re more like a “take the money and run” cheater, check out our guide to notorious scams in card / gambling games. Don’t try these at home — try them in a casino!

6. Roulette: Past Posting

Roulette is a game with good odds, given its limited numerical outcomes (37 in Europe, 38 in North America) and the relative lack of skill required to play.

The most common roulette scam is “past posting,” or placing / removing a bet after the dealer has made the call. It can also involve placing more chips on an occupied space, a less common trick but one that could decrease your chance of detection.

To “past post” successfully you must simultaneously study the roulette wheel (to determine the drop seconds before it actually occurs) and the dealer, who is trained to spot cheaters but, like anyone, can fall victim to split-second distraction. Employ a friend, preferably one with large breasts or some weird facial deformity, to pull the dealer’s attention and make your switch.

5. Craps: Controlled Shooting

“Controlled shooting” is a method of rolling that exploits the game's emphasis on hitting the back wall. If done correctly, the dice will fly through the air without turning (or with a pre-set number of turns) hit the wall on a simultaneous axis and land accordingly.

It is essentially an exploitation of physics and arm movement that requires almost pathological practice to pull off. It’s so difficult that entire books have been written about it. While it isn’t technically cheating, as with card counting, dealers have been trained to spot it (a player who appears to be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome is a good sign) and casinos will likely give controlled shooters the boot if they catch them in action.

4. Slots: The Light Wand

Don’t try to cheat at slots. Casinos make most of their revenue from these delightful machines, and they’ve already figured out all your homemade tricks.

By far the most insanely prolific slot cheater was Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who spent years developing devices to exploit mechanical faults in machines. As casinos improved their technology to battle cheaters, Carmichael went right along with them. In the mid-1990s, he created a device called a “light wand” to exploit newfangled computerized machines by scrambling their internal sensors. After getting caught and serving time, Carmichael now works for the casinos to develop anti-cheating methods, of the kind they wouldn’t need if he hadn’t made their jobs so difficult in the first place.

3. Euchre: Silent Table Talk

Euchre is a game mostly enjoyed by drunken college students and the elderly. Neither group is known for their sharp attention spans so cheating is relatively easy — “reneging” (failing to follow trump when required) and “table talk” between partners is a common concern.

Silent table talk, however, is almost impossible to detect if done properly. Put aside fancy hand signals and suggestive facial expressions and apply a counting system to the way you hold your cards. During the crucial part of the game when trump is being decided, hold your cards with a specific number of fingers to indicate to your partner how many suited cards you hold in your hand. If none, place your cards down for a moment. It only takes a second but can determine the outcome of almost every trick.

This guy has really thought it through.

2. Baccarat: Hidden Cameras

The speed and simplicity of baccarat has made it a prime target for scammers.

The object of the game is to reach a card value of nine. In its common form of “punto banco” it involves limited strategy because, unlike blackjack, players are not given the option of whether to be dealt cards at a point of their choosing. After initial bets it essentially plays out through luck.

Baccarat’s popularity has only grown in over the years but by design it is comparatively easy to cheat. In 2011, a gang of thieves in Macau stole 24 million HKD ($30.5 million CAD) from a casino by inserting hidden cameras into baccarat card-shuffling machines. Those watching the cameras would record card orders and relay them back to players. Cheaters have also been known to slide such hidden cameras up their sleeves.

1. Poker: Going South / Ratholing

“Going south” (or “ratholing”) is one of the most common poker cheats. It avoids tampering with cards and instead involves a player secretly pocketing their chips to either preserve them for a later cash-in or exploit the tendency of fellow players to value / analyze their opponents based on the value of chips still remaining in front of them.

This trick is best tried with your drunken friends, not professional poker players. Watch Lebanese player Freddy Deeb lose his shit after being accused of going south in this clip from High Stakes Poker:

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