The Justice League movie is scheduled to arrive onto the big screens in November 2017, bringing us our favourite DC heroes all together in one movie. 

In both the first trailer and the second, the film looks to be action-packed, and tries to cater to a large audience by including an array of personalities among the characters, which allows us to discover the ones we empathise with and relate to the most. 

Batman is, and always has been, one of the biggest characters in the DC universe. The very first Batman movie was produced in 1966, yet the fact that he has remained one of DC's biggest characters to date - starring in his own franchise of movies, along with Batman v Superman in 2016 - indicates that he is here to stay as one of DC's staple superheroes.

Along with the success of the Batman movies has come merchandise such as posters and T-shirts, as well as online games, including the slot game "Batman & The Joker Jewels" (among others) found at bgo online, which has a theme-appropriate comic book atmosphere to the graphics, and although the images are predominantly themed around Batman and his nemesis, the Joker, there are four DC superhero jackpots available to be gained. The game is playable on all devices, and includes not only 5 reels and 25 paylines but also the Joker Random Wilds feature and the Bat-Tastic Multiplier Meter. Additional games on other platforms that have made use of the Batman franchise are "Batman - the Video Game" on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and the Lego Batman games, fashioned after Lego characters.

wonderwoman.jpgThe 2017 Wonder Woman movie was met with great acclaim. Starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman has rapidly become a source of inspiration and a model of strength for girls globally. It has become the highest-grossing live-action movie directed by a woman, earning over $700 million at the box office. After the success of the first film, a second is expected in the future. The clear need of, and positive response to, a female superhero is now evident to many others in the entertainment industry. Director Sam Taylor-Jenkins believes that "Wonder Woman shows we can do huge action movies or direct superhero movies. We can do small independent movies or whatever. It can all be done. We are capable to do anything, like Wonder Woman". As for Gal Gadot's role in the anticipated Justice League movie, it seems that she will bring the same determination and passion for good that we loved her for the first time we met her in Wonder Woman.

Although without his own film, the Flash boasts a successful Netflix series. This character, both in live-action and in the original comics, fulfils the comic relief archetype. He is known as an all-around likeable hero, someone that the audience may find it easiest to relate to amidst the intense drama of the plot. The Flash is also suspected of influencing other entertainment media, such as the Han Solo movie. Before the Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller left the project, they had met with DC regarding the creation of a movie about the Flash, and had even written a screenplay for it in 2015. NextGen Gaming's The Flash Velocity slot machine, available on is one of many examples of the wider entertainment industry making use of the popularity of DC's character. Similarly, the Justice League slot machine on Argo Casino displays the popularity of the Justice League as a whole, which is a positive sign for the reception of the upcoming movie. 

Devoid of both his own film and television series, Cyborg nevertheless is often a popular character with those who enjoy the comics. Portraying a calm demeanour, it may be likely that Cyborg will act as a calm voice of reason in the Justice League team. Played by actor Ray Fisher, there is speculation that Cyborg may in fact get his own movie in 2020. It will be interesting to see how he operates within the dynamics of the Justice League, as in the Teen Titan comics and cartoons he possesses the aura of a fatherly figure - yet how will he fare with the headstrong members of the Justice League?

DCComics_InsidePulse.jpgAquaman, on the other hand, appears to relish combat, if his exclamations in gleeful tones in the Justice League trailers are any indication. He may, in this way, prove to be a character that the audience can relate to, in terms of the enthusiasm he has for his heroic endeavours.

The speculations that Superman will be making a return in Justice League after his supposed "death" at the end of Batman v Superman, has been increased by the words spoken by Alfred in the final scene of the second Justice League trailer. Superman has always been an iconic DC character, with his design featured everywhere from on clothing to lunch boxes, bags to bgo online games. 

In bringing these characters together - some of which already have their own films - DC aims to create the perfect blend of strengths and weaknesses, humour and action, in what looks to be one of their most anticipated films to date.


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