SUNDAY MAY 28, 2017
Jesse Skinner
Jesse Skinner

At age 13, Jesse found a stack of VHS movies in a heap and watched them all, turning himself into a critic through sheer force of will. He argued his way into York University in 2004, gliding through their film theory program with a B- average, emerging on the other side with a bachelor’s degree in telling people what’s what. In 2008, he started writing for TORO magazine, taking over the Wanted product column and music review sections. He also birthed the current-events blog Epigraph, since retired, and the pop-culture skewering Listed. He currently contributes twice a month to TORO’s Film and Radar columns. In his spare time, he enjoys pacing and eating lunch. He asks you to please continue to read his columns so he will always be able to afford lunch. Though he lives to argue, deep down Jesse really does value your opinion. Really.